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Yesterday I went outside

Hi All,

O.K. so narf7 went outside did she…”good girl narf7!” one could be forgiven for being somewhat sarcastic about me going outside but when you consider that there is snow on the mountains and that it rarely gets into double digits outside you can start to get an idea of why I haven’t been venturing much further than the wheelbarrow on the deck to grab an armful of wood and scuttle back inside to the basking, blissful warmth of Brunhilda. 1,966 more words

Midwinter surprise

My dwarf feijoa (Bambina) was struggling mightily in the garden. The bronze beetle just loved eating all the flower heads despite my efforts to stop them. 76 more words

All the gardens

All the gardens I dreamed of planting,
mid-winter, Boston, the names of flowers
I knew only from pictures, light slanting
in the low way it has in dark hours. 102 more words