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Miss Invisibility

Last week, while we were on vacation, my young adult niece jokingly told me she doesn’t think she’ll live past 30.

Now, I think her comment was mostly aimed at inspiring shock, but I think there’s a little bit of truth in it – as in, she can’t imagine what it’ll be like to be 30, which seems half-way to dead to her.  621 more words

Nut #1: A Midlife Crisis Resolved by Changing Everything

(This is the first in the series “Revelations of a Middle-Aged Guy in the New Economy.” I’m calling this Nut #1 in honor of the old saying: Every now and then a blind squirrel finds a nut. 462 more words

McTrip Posts

ugly girl

I am 46 and that is old enough to know that beauty is complicated.

I am not pretty. I have been told this by my husband. 533 more words


The Mindful Pessimist: Counting My Miseries (and how it could be worse)

I have never been good at counting my blessings; I’m far too negative for that. Those chipper, upbeat people on my Facebook feed (how did I even get these friends?) are constantly posting positive, life-affirming sayings, and it takes a great deal of will power on my part to not refute each and every one as oversimplifying, sugar coating or self-aggrandizing the true nature of our existence. 592 more words


The Sunset Rush

July 24, 2014

Tuesday night, after a long day of work at my off farm job, I baled this hay. The hay was in big fluffy windrows and ready to bale. 319 more words

July 2014

Ladies, Pay Attention

Many of us have experienced having a teenager in the house and what that can mean to getting dressed to go somewhere. They camp out in the bathroom for what seems hours and then there is a thunderstorm of clothing whirling around their room. 614 more words


Week 28: Old people problems?

I went to my orthopedic surgeon today, the same doctor who performed the surgery on my left knee in December for a torn meniscus. For the past month I’ve had pain on the inner-facing (medial) part of that same knee. 316 more words

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