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The Well

In short, my marriage hit a wall. We made mistakes but my mistakes were deemed to be much worse. I ran away but I came back…the pariah. 706 more words

A Disordered Existence

Weeks 14 and 15: Your personal brand - what celebrities can teach us

If you are middle-aged, you likely remember when The Captain and Tennille had their recording¬†success, including the song “Love Will Keep Us Together,” which was a number one hit in the summer of 1975. 877 more words

Middle Age

Five Steps to a Year of Living Beautifully

Every year does not begin on January 1.

Your year can begin now, today, this instant.

Mine is.

I’m vowing from this point until, at least, this same time next year to live life beautifully. 771 more words


Community? Alive and well. Think Job Clubs, Timebank and Funnuity.

Earlier in the year with a ton of practical jobs looming, a few friends and I decided to set up a Job Club. Big tasks can sometimes be a little overwhelming and hence get procrastinated or aren’t enjoyable. 735 more words


An Obvious Blue

I conclude I must be wrong-

and have mis-known all along.

I have seen clearly, nearly

half a century. Loudly, I insisted

officials stop calling the forest blue. 120 more words



My beloved old home, my one-time center.

This past week I’ve spent dozens of hours going through old photographs and documents and projects and letters and recordings and videos and doodles and poems and journals and mementos and, well, stuff.¬† 1,163 more words

An Ongoing Journal...