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On turning forty-four

Trees get wrinkles:

And blemishes:

And growths:

There’s beauty, too:

Trees age with grace.

I hope I do, too.


We were having breakfast at our Limerick hotel. The lovely young waitress heard my cousins’ accents and asked them if they were from New York. 200 more words


Middle Aged?

This year I turned fifty-two.

I am not middle-aged.

No one in my family has ever lived to be one hundred and four.

-Rev. Shane L. Bishop

Rev. Shane L. Bishop

Feminists Unite! Or Bake a Pie

As a child who came of age in the 1960s and 70s during the feminist movement, I am a bit confused by the recent spate of anti-feminist rhetoric circulating on social media from young women. 699 more words


Ode to the Middle Aged Size of my Thighs

There is a body part I do not prize

and that is the lumpy size of my thighs!

For while getting older makes one wise, 85 more words


43 things to do at 43-how did I do?

Now that I am almost 44 I decided to revise my list: 43 things to do at 43 to see how I did.

1. Get back into my sassy orange pants. 1,096 more words


For what it’s worth
My longtime friend
I’ve felt each year
As they occur

You know
I think you’re beautiful
You always are
You always were

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