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11 Signs You're Reaching Middle Age

I remember when my mom was pushing 50 and she’d mention something about being “middle-aged.” To which I would smart-aleckly reply something like, was she planning on living to 100? 584 more words

Middle Aged Mama

Acts of Kindness

Today, I was reading about a small act of kindness. It was a reinforcement of the fact that it is not always the magnanimous acts that mean the most. 594 more words


Twin Bumps

I have never been a fan of the expression ‘baby bump’. I don’t quite know when it became commonplace in our pop culture, but all of a sudden, it seemed to be everywhere. 976 more words

An Ongoing Journal...

Enchanting simplicity in Magalas

Magalas is a quaint, traditional wine-producing village, very near to the historical town of Beziers, Renaissance town of Pezenas -with its cobbled stone streets housing Antique Shops and galleries-, and of course those stunning Mediterranean beaches. 256 more words

RE: Pill Box

Dear W,
RE: Have you read Middlemarch? I feel a need to read all the amazing literature I can in the last half of my life. 393 more words

The Waiting Room

Skating Through Life

(In my daily pursuit to ignite the second-half of life, I came across this. It’s a 16-minute short film (link below) that’s turned heads at film festivals, and now I know why. 514 more words

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