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the power of the pelvic floor ..

Tonight’s offering comes as a result of spending 2 days in lock down with 14 other women …75% of whom where in the same 50Something age range…and one man (some might say he was lucky ~while others would be hugely sympathetic). 242 more words

Now That It's Fall It's Back To Business

I know I am not unusual…strange maybe, kinda quirky, but not all that different from the average middle-aged woman.

I love the fall…okay I am a weirdo, I like fall better than summer….. 363 more words

Health And Wellness

Ten Signs I Have Sold Out: young chic to old chick

1) The two matching La-Z-Boy recliners in our bedroom (but hey, I still don’t have a pencil sharpener screwed onto my dresser like Mama did); 221 more words

Middle Aged Women

Why do extroverts feel so free to impose their values on others?

This question was asked by a Brazilian writer in a recent op-ed piece for the NYTimes. In response, I am posting something I wrote yesterday, a kind of introvert bill of rights. 149 more words


The Body Project Session #16: Together, we make one.

This is another one of those sessions that I wrote about in my journal immediately following the session because the thoughts wouldn’t stop coming. It goes like this: 969 more words

Why do you run ?

I don’t feel like I have been for a ‘proper’ run for ages and I was starting to feel a bit twitchy. As luck would have it, today was very straight forwards at work and I got away early. 407 more words