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Jerry Sandusky Son Discusses Alleged Sexual Abuse, Child Sexual Abuse Raises Likelihood Of Cardiovascular Problems For Middle-Aged Women

Jerry Sandusky Son Discusses Alleged Sexual Abuse
HARRISBURG, Pa. — Jul 17, 2014

An adopted son of convicted child molester Jerry Sandusky is providing details of the alleged sexual abuse he suffered at the hands of his father. 474 more words

Child Sexual Abuse

Fat burn revolution day 4

Some killer exercises today! I’m guessing that my glutes are quite weak, based on the difficulty I had with this exercise! At least the calf raises were easy! 88 more words

Day 3 fat burn revolution

Repetitive post, sorry, will keep it short.

no gentle aerobic workout this am, too busy. Didn’t get to eat between 6 am and 6pm ( well not quite true, a couple of bananas in the car) Excuses, excuses!! 36 more words

Women Culture.

I bought another book from the 1980′s recently, The Serpent and The Goddess, Women, Religion and Power in Celtic Ireland by Mary Condren. It’s a well-researched, well-argued analysis on how male religion, or what Condren calls “male reproductive consciousness” destroyed the goddess-centered, matriarchal culture in Ireland. 721 more words


For (B)older women

This blog post is part rant and part training program and since I am the resident Ranter-in-chief, I shall begin with the rant. Last night while flipping channels on TV and grumbling about so many channels and nothing to watch I came across the Indian version of… 366 more words

Celebrity Training