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Stop hiding sexism under "gender inequality."

I am glad to see more people talking about sexism again, as it appeared to me that this word was starting to be erased from our vocabulary. 241 more words


The atmosphere of male games.

Last night I sat in a comfortable chair at the mall and watched people walk by. Instead of comparing myself to how these people looked, I let myself merge into their world. 512 more words


Gyms for the non-athletic.

I joined a gym at the beginning of the year. After three days of using a treadmill, I could barely walk. I need help but the trainers charge $50 an hour. 494 more words


The Academy Awards are blatantly sexist.

Academy Award Nominations from the New York Times.

“Among actors, Michael Keaton received his inevitable nomination for his bravura turn as Riggan Thomson, an aging screen super-hero seeking salvation on the stage… 576 more words



I am sitting in a spacious, elegant, warm hotel room watching the dancing orange flames of a gas fireplace. I have been here three days and don’t want to leave. 659 more words


Dozy moo!

thats me! More and more of the time these days, must be my age.😔On this particular occasion I failed to notice that jantastic and janathon are actually  different! 125 more words

My new life as an old woman.

A commenter recently said that at 58, she didn’t know how long her body planned on sticking around. I think about this on and off myself. 930 more words