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Happiness One.

I sometimes think about whether or not I am happy. I’m sure we all do. Happiness seems to be the ultimate gauge for assessing the worthiness of one’s life. 558 more words


The Dreaded Menopod - Menopausal Belly Fat

The most common concern I hear from women in their 40’s and 50’s is increased belly fat. It isn’t weight gain that they are mostly upset about but where it’s deposited…right around the belly button. 1,023 more words


A life of reading.

Aging brings about a subtle merging of the various compartments of life, (work, status, accumulation, partnerships, parenting, spirituality). Instead of being known for what you do, you are known for what you don’t do. 577 more words


Am I back?

3 runs in 5 days! After 3 months of virtually nothing, How come?

Is it because hubby is at home doing the childcare?

Is it because the weather has become cool? 608 more words

First Tango Class.

Yesterday marked my first foray into the world of boys and girls since the last single event I attended ten years ago. Given how cold and rainy the weather has been, I have to admit that I found it quite pleasant to stand within inches of a hot man. 697 more words