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Little surprises!, and thinking'fast'

Only 1 run this week.Last Sunday we went on a long family walk which was lovely. This week, including travel time, I’ve put in 60 hrs at work, so no time for running until today. 665 more words


the power of the pelvic floor ..

Tonight’s offering comes as a result of spending 2 days in lock down with 14 other women …75% of whom where in the same 50Something age range…and one man (some might say he was lucky ~while others would be hugely sympathetic). 242 more words

Now That It's Fall It's Back To Business

I know I am not unusual…strange maybe, kinda quirky, but not all that different from the average middle-aged woman.

I love the fall…okay I am a weirdo, I like fall better than summer….. 363 more words

Health And Wellness

Ten Signs I Have Sold Out: young chic to old chick

1) The two matching La-Z-Boy recliners in our bedroom (but hey, I still don’t have a pencil sharpener screwed onto my dresser like Mama did); 221 more words

Middle Aged Women

Why do extroverts feel so free to impose their values on others?

This question was asked by a Brazilian writer in a recent op-ed piece for the NYTimes. In response, I am posting something I wrote yesterday, a kind of introvert bill of rights. 149 more words


The Body Project Session #16: Together, we make one.

This is another one of those sessions that I wrote about in my journal immediately following the session because the thoughts wouldn’t stop coming. It goes like this: 969 more words