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Living between selves.

While browsing in a used bookstore, I found two books by Doris Lessing. In one, The Four-Gated City, she describes her famous Martha Quest character as “competently incompetent.” On arriving in London from South Africa: 499 more words


God Bless Middle-aged Daughters

As I walk into the skilled nursing center where Mom is rehabilitating, I see other women like myself and think, “God bless middle-aged daughters.”

We’re the sensible, competent women who make it all happen. 315 more words


Searching for a viewpoint


The M65 runs for 28 miles from Preston to Colne . It’s quite a nice motorway for scenery, when it isn’t raining. I live near one end and work at the other, however, I don’t really know the bits in between the junctions that I join/exit. 519 more words

Random thoughts about inhabiting space.

Being out of the physical space that enclosed me for 19 years means that I have to find another ‘enclosure.’ At first, I thought this enclosure would be another house or apartment. 591 more words


Floating in open space.

I have been exploring freedom my whole life. I guess you could say that being free is my religion. In the US, freedom has come to mean the freedom to buy and own stuff, and then to sit in a space where you can admire it or show it off to others. 637 more words


This time, figuring it out for myself

So I’m losing weight now (for all of 5 days! such an expert!) on a version of a protein-sparing modified fast. I feel good, and it seems to be working.   563 more words

Little surprises!, and thinking'fast'

Only 1 run this week.Last Sunday we went on a long family walk which was lovely. This week, including travel time, I’ve put in 60 hrs at work, so no time for running until today. 665 more words