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The dreaded D's - Depression & Debt

Do I have the right to be depressed? I’m 26 years old, I am a white American, I grew up in a middle class family, I have friends and family who love and support me, I just got married this summer . 1,015 more words


Rich, Middle Class, & Poor Jobs. Washington DC Highest Housing Cost

Curated by CLAI

JOBS FOR RICH, MIDDLE CLASS & POOR: Looking across incomes and rankings there are a couple of interesting things to note: 172 more words


Pioneers Didn't Have Microwaves and They Still Ate Leftovers for Lunch

It turns out that when your microwave burns up and the new one you ordered hasn’t been delivered yet you can just go back to doing things the way the pioneers did, and it’s not so bad. 238 more words

Hipsters, Bogans and Contemporary Class Anxieties

by Dr Steven Threadgold, University of Newcastle

The study of ‘youth cultures’ has had a troublesome and fluctuating relationship with class. In general, the foundational subcultural studies and more recent work continuing that tradition has been critiqued for (among other things) over-romanticising working class practice; finding ‘resistance’ everywhere; and having an unhealthy focus on the ‘spectacular’ while disregarding the ‘mainstream’. 2,958 more words

Hillary Clinton Warns Democrats Against Complacency At San Francisco Fundraiser

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) — Hillary Rodham Clinton is urging Democratic voters not to be complacent about the November midterm elections, saying working women and their families will lose out on a better future if Republicans gain control of both houses of Congress. 197 more words


GOP Candidate Jeff Johnson and the Middle Class

Republican gubernatorial candidate Jeff Johnson had a “oops” moment when he stumbled over a question that most beauty pageant contestants could handle with ease.  Johnson is campaigning on a pledge to work for the… 193 more words


PUBLIC ADVOCACY: Update on February 2014 Archival Post

Dear Readers:

I have an important correction to bring to your attention. When I wrote the February Post on Derivative volume in this country , the total amount of Derivative volume was $360 Trillion, today, the volume has doubled to $700 Trillion with little regulation. 222 more words

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