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Middle class problems

What a tough life this family must lead. Imagine the scene: Struggling to pay the bills, not enough food in the house, desperate search for a second pony…

People Beware! Obama Care is Set For A Volcanic Eruption After The Mid-Term Elections

I was sitting in the Department of Motor Vehicles one day a couple of weeks ago and I started a conversation with the young man sitting next to me because as you are aware anything that is government there is a humongous wait. 606 more words

The Struggle for the American Middle Class

The  Middle class is supposed to be a medium between the rich and the poor, but because income equality has become so great in America,  the middle class population has diminished and continues to do so. 11 more words


Why middle-class Americans can't afford to live in liberal cities

On April 2, 2014, a protester in Oakland, California mounted a Yahoo bus, climbed to the front of the roof, and vomited onto the top of the windshield. 849 more words

Which School to Attend?

Schools labeled “international” on their names have mushroomed in Indonesia since the first decade of 2000. Many parents are eager to enroll their children in such schools.  638 more words


Ghosts of American Dreams Past

Once upon a time the promise of “skies the limit” was fundamental to the American Dream.

Now something is fundamentally wrong.

The core elements of the American dream are increasingly unaffordable for the majority. 378 more words

Middle Class