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Pulp: Life, Death and Supermarkets

The man with no teeth who sits in the newspaper kiosk is a Pulp fan, apparently. I’m sure he likes nothing nothing better than to go home after a hard day’s shouting “uuuueeeehwooom” (meaning ‘late Star’) and stick on Bar Italia before settling down to a double Corrie omnibus. 709 more words


The Odd Couple

Sarah Palin is at it again. On the one hand she announced that she “might” be interested in running for President again, on the other hand, she was a total bust at the Steve King, Iowa Freedom Fest round-up of red-meat, right wingnuts held in Iowa last weekend. 403 more words


What does "middle class" mean in 2015?

“Do you consider yourself to be middle class?” I was asked this question the other day by a “middle class” 40 something year old white lady. 735 more words

Charles Lane: Obama’s 529 college savings plan debacle offers lessons

Washington Post: Under fire from Republicans and even House Democratic leaders, the White House withdrew this week its plan to end the tax-free status of the college savings accounts known as 529 plans. 65 more words


Dan Henninger: Obama’s Peter Pan Economics

Once again, Dan Henninger hits the nail on the head with this column in the Wall Street Journal.

In the winter of his presidency, Barack Obama is touring the country—Idaho, Kansas—talking about something he calls “middle-class economics.” His Saturday radio address, a helpfully condensed version of his 59-minute, 57-second State of the Union speech, offered his definition of the idea: 798 more words