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‘Middle class would go to jail for what big corporations are allowed to do’

US corporations have enough profit to grease the wheels of Washington DC to have legislation that benefits them, and their workers which are becoming fewer and fewer, are shouldering the tax burden, independent journalist Charlie McGrath told RT. 1,172 more words

Thornberry's gift to UKIP

Above: Thornberry’s tweet.

Given the present state of British politics, and the present state of the Labour Party, it’s safe to say that Labour was never going to win the… 375 more words

Jim D

Girls, Games, And Career Guidance

When it came to imagining career goals for this generation of girls, Barbie was supposed to be breaking through the plastic ceiling, but a recent sexist Barbie career book “I Can be a Computer Engineer” is a throwback to an earlier time. 813 more words

Middle Class

Representation Without Taxation

Representation Without Taxation

Government of, for, and by the people, that is what we buy

Xerox, Microsoft, AbbVie, as American as apple pie

Profits are speech, don’t you know, so our voices are loud and strong… 65 more words


My War To Take Back The American Dream

I am declaring today War on War, Corporations and Poverty. Why? Because it needs to be done. And I can do it. Words are mightier than swords, so that is my weapon of choice. 428 more words

Gloria Christie

Choose One, Millennials: Upward Mobility or Affordable Housing - CityLab

Whether you are looking to start a business or further your career, the city where you live has a huge impact on how things will go for you. 23 more words

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