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Why Democrats Should Enter the Class War

This spring, a prominent Democratic pollster sent a memo to party leaders and Democratic elected officials advising them to speak and think differently. The nation’s economy had deteriorated so drastically, he cautioned, that they needed to abandon their references to the “middle class,” substituting for those hallowed words the phrase “working people.” “In today’s harsh economic reality,” he wrote, “many voters no longer identify as middle class.” 484 more words

Social Justice


The Middle East explodes in war.  Putin shoots down a passenger plane.  The U.S. economy is in shambles.  The border to our south is no more.  576 more words

An Atomic Fairy Tale

1950 was Cinderella’s year.

My mother Betty knew it was an omen. After 6 long years of waiting, Disney’s much anticipated movie, Cinderella was finally opening and now Betty Joseph’s days of waiting were over too- she was getting married. 786 more words

Middle Class

Middle Americans Again Pays the Higher Price for the Affordable Health Care

It seems that when ever a law is passed that forces many to finance the cost of a program for all, that the big corporations can always fond a way to avoid the costs and the responsibilities that the rest of have to bear. 718 more words

What would Jesus say about illegal immigration? Actually, he already has.

Immigration Issues And The Golden Rule

by Rev. Paul J. Bern



After watching all the haters this week in the mainstream media, I would first like to say that I have had a belly full of those who are ranting and raving about the flood of child immigrants crossing our country’s southern border. 1,902 more words


Political and Economic Frustration

 Middle class people look at the political process and become frustrated and hopeless, understanding that they’ll never get what they want from it; that’s how poor people see the economic system. 85 more words

The whiteness that is – 67Minutes Mandela Day...

I am that one person who gets a little excited about things and at times tend to take my excitement a little distant, however if there is one day I don’t really get excited over is the Mandela day/ 67 Minutes do Good etc. 1,501 more words