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The alternative axis of power — “Putin-Assad-Khamenei”, which may be more accurately expressed as “Khamenei-Putin-Assad” — is predicated entirely on the destruction of Jewish ethics, morality, and thought that has contributed mightily to the intellectual construction of the Judeo-Christian / Greco-Roman west. 270 more words

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PUBLIC ADVOCACY: A few Tips From Shimon Peres/outgoing President of Israel

Dear readers, this brought a smile to my face, I hope it does the same for you.  With Hope and a passion for living and living with others, age doesn’t matter.  44 more words


PUBLIC ADVOCACY: An understanding of the Arab Players

There is an alternative to war?  However,  the Arab People have to want Peace and prosperity more then they want  to cling to the notion of  their State’s  Superiority  in the Middle East and elsewhere.  603 more words


PUBLIC ADVOCACYY: AN Arab Morality Play with 3 Acts

All the World’s a stage. If true, I don’t care how small my bit part is, I want to be a Player. Paying to be the audience sucks. 510 more words


PUBLIC ADVOCACY: Decrease Carbons, Stop Terrorism!

This week we witnessed the People’s Climate March in New York City.  Hundred’s of thousands Marched on 9/21/14.  The People’s Climate March could have larger ramifications then we thought.    343 more words


PUBLIC ADVOCACY: 9/10 Conference call with Israel Ambassador to the UN

Dear followers: Thank you for your support.  I’ve attached the conference call I listened to yesterday for your information.

All the best. Joyce

Thank you for registering for yesterday’s… 169 more words


PUBLIC ADVOCACY: The many Faces of Israel

The various faces of Israel. Like all of our countries, ordinary citizens and experts , have varying opinions, whether they are on the right , left or center. 495 more words