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PUBLIC ADVOCACY: an analysis of Hamas alliances to follow

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I’m traveling to San Jose to a Blogher 14 Conference. My next Post was written on the plane on my iPad. I’ve analyzed the facts surrounding the Israeli Gaza conflict and believe this conflict , if not contained and understood, has dire consequences for all of us. 122 more words

PUBLIC ADVOCACY: Latest update and appeal from Israel

Thank you for joining us on yesterday’s call with Rabbi Zeldman and Ze’ev Ben-Shachar.

Over 100 people called in and we’ve been getting tremendous feedback. 23 more words

PUBLIC ADVOCACY: Hamas & the Humanitarian Cease Fire

Sound familiar. I can’t feed my people but wait , I can purchase parts for rockets, tunnels, unmanned aerial vehicles, and enemy combatants who arrived on the Gaza beaches last week. 303 more words

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PUBLIC ADVOCACY: Recorded conversation with COGAT 7/15/14


Thank you for participating in yesterday’s briefing with

Colonel Grisha Yakubovich, head of the Civil Coordination Dept.


If you missed the call, would like to listen to it again or share it with… 14 more words

PUBLIC ADVOCACY: Hamas rejects cease fire! The Update

This afternoon, at 1Pm , I sat in on a Conference Call with Colonel Grisha Yakubovich of the Civilian Coordination Department COGAT( the coordination of Government Activities in the Territories) who spoke about Israel’s humanitarian aid efforts in Gaza. 340 more words

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PUBLIC ADVOCACY: Israel's concern about " our" agreement 7/20/14 with Iran

Israel’s dilemma may be everyone’s problem. On 7/20/14, the USA is supposed to sign off on agreement with Iran :  Iran’s self imposed deadline.  The terms of this agreement are very important to the well being of Israel and the World. 177 more words

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PUBLIC ADVOCACY: Christians United for Israel and my thoughts on Cease Fire

It makes me angry when I read various leaders condemnation of Israel’s treatment of the Gaza population. Ban Ki Moon, condemns the Gaza rockets terrorizing Israel but condemns Israel for retaliating. 518 more words

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