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Jewish nation-state bill relinquishes any sliver of democracy left in Israel

I  have been tossing ideas around in my head for a while now about how to approach this subject. Words normally come very easily to me, but I have been unable to find my voice on this matter (this is surprising, I can usually find my voice on any matter). 303 more words


Iran Nuclear Talks Set to Continue Next Month

Iran and six world powers looked set to miss Monday’s deadline for resolving a 12-year stand-off over Tehran’s nuclear ambitions and are already looking at a possible extension of the negotiations. 681 more words

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Iranian delegate to nuclear talks says negotiations may turn to extension Sunday evening

VIENNA – With a deadline approaching for a nuclear deal, an Iranian official said Sunday that the discussion may soon have to shift from trying to reach an agreement to extending negotiations past the target date. 339 more words


Iranian Nuclear Deal Still Hangs in the Balance Ahead of Latest Deadline

International negotiators in Vienna are scrambling to reach a deal on Iran’s nuclear program, with media in Tehran suggesting a comprehensive agreement by Monday’s deadline is “impossible.” 522 more words

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Struggle - the Sacred Duty

Muslims are not living in freedom. From the North African coasts to the Indo-China islands, from Russia to Yemen, dark clouds of dictatorship, tyranny and persecution hangs over our heads. 1,172 more words


A Circle of Violence: Deir Yassin to Har Nof

By James M. Wall

Early Tuesday, November 18, two young Palestinians broke into a synagogue in the ultra-Orthodox neighborhood of West Jerusalem’s Har Nof.

Armed with a gun, knives and axes, the assailants killed three rabbis and a fourth worshipper. 1,225 more words

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Joshua Keating: In the oil war, who's the enemy?

As Slate writer Jordan Weissmann wrote Tuesday, there are a number of factors behind the continuing global slide in oil prices, including North American production, increased energy efficiency, Europe’s economic stagnation, and China’s slowing growth. 789 more words

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