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The Art of Contouring Tutorial

Watch my Makeup Tutorial on “The Art of Contouring”

Read below for what products/brushes I used: 85 more words


Isis in Iraq: The trauma of the last six months has overwhelmed the remaining Christians in the country

Two years ago Jalal Yako, a Syriac Catholic priest, returned to his home town of Qaraqosh to persuade members of his community to stay in Iraq and not to emigrate because of the violence directed against them.”I was in Italy for 18 years, and when I came back here my mission was to get Christians to stay here,” he says. 43 more words

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Iran is shifting from pariah to possible future policeman of the Gulf

Chatting with my favourite Lebanese banker-journalist before a trip to the Gulf last week, I asked him what he thought I should discuss with the investors and asset managers I was to talk to in Abu Dhabi. 68 more words

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The lessons from the Iran negotiations

This week’s extension in the negotiations between Iran and the P5+1 is a welcome jolt of composure and realism in a process that for years has been characterized by wild allegations, emotional retorts and intemperate actions.The decision to extend talks and keep negotiating to achieve a final agreement by next summer seems to cement the decision to deal with the accusations of Iran’s alleged desire to obtain a nuclear weapon as a technical issue that has a technical solution, rather than a continuation of the tendency of the United States and Israel, primarily, to treat Iran as a hapless colonial subject. 12 more words

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IDF official: 3 months after Gaza war, Hamas still rehabilitating military hierarchy

Drone company commander tells ‘Post’ that Hamas military leaders “still trying to figure out what happened.”

from JPost.com – Video http://ift.tt/1ChCvrK

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Aharonovitch: It seems Arami's death was a terror attack

Aharonovitch’s answer is not definitive and emphasizes that it is up to police and Shin Bet to determine the nature of Nathaniel Roi Arami’s death. 10 more words

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