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In China, a Drought Tests Nomadic Herders’ Culture of Survival by EDWARD WONG


A tradition of herding has continued for centuries in western China, despite official efforts to force nomads to settle in villages. But a recent drought has put that lifestyle to the test. 11 more words

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If Palestine becomes a state, will Christians return to Bethlehem? Part 1

“In 1992 Bethlehem was 92% Christian, now it is only 8% Christian.” (Mordechai Ben-Menachem 14 October 2014)

That surprising claim led to the header’s question. I’d put the lid down on blogging about the possibility of Palestinian statehood, but both new points need addressing after they cropped up over the weekend.

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ISIS Coalition Situation Report (SITREP) #23

Good Day

Things are starting to move at a little quicker pace…..but the question to answer…….. will it be enough?

Item 1–The Coalition has been looking for ground troops to take on ISIS they may have found their agents…… 523 more words

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Pentagon admits weapons-drop fail as anti-ISIS operation hits $424mn

Screenshot from YouTube user A3maq News

The Pentagon has admitted that a chunk of its cache of weapons meant for Kurdish forces battling Islamic State militants in Kobani has fallen into terrorist hands. 340 more words


Six Months in Jordan

Josiah Mosqueda had long harbored an interest in studying in an Arab country. A middle eastern studies concentrator with an interest in learning Arabic who had never studied abroad before, he took the leap his junior year, doing not one but two programs in Jordan. 463 more words

Why the Battle of Kobane Matters (and Doesn't Matter)

Why the Battle of Kobane Matters (and Doesn’t Matter)


Rodger Shanahan

If you relied only on the media, you could be forgiven for thinking that the focus of the fight against ISIS has been on the Syrian city of Kobane.  80 more words

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Canadian Police Say Ottawa Attack Was Work of Lone Gunman by IAN AUSTEN and ALAN COWELL


In the hours after the shooting, the police had said there may have been two other attackers.

Published: October 23, 2014 at 08:00PM… 7 more words

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