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Your weed? I roll that.
Your heart? I hold that.
Your back? I got that.
Your girl? I am that.
Your role? I play that. 64 more words

Obama: Let me squander your money!

All the arm waving and running in circles over Ebola proved to be for naught. Typical of what a Progressive politician will do. Anytime a liberal wants to do something it must be done immediately, before anyone can question whether we should actually… 305 more words


When the Middle Finger and the Thumbs Down were locked out

So here is how the situation goes:

One day the Middle Finger and the Thumbs Down were accidentally locked in a room. Tried everything to get out of the room but no help. 571 more words


DC prevaricators

A regressive tax is one that hits all economic strata equally. Examples are a tax based on a fixed number or percent regardless of income. The federal gas tax is a prime illustration. 441 more words


Protest Nation

With the rise of Official Black Protests, there came a need for classes in how to protest. These classes are sanctioned by the DoJ, the White House, SPLC, NAACP and are led by such luminaries as Al Sharpton, Jessie Jackson and in Memory of Michael Brown and the Many Sons of Barack Obama. 53 more words


The West Coast Douchebag

A friend, of a friend, of a friend, of a…blah blah blah we barely knew each other but he started chatting with me on Facebook. He was definitely hot! 224 more words