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Obama's real holiday turkey

There is going to be a large plucking and stuffing of of those Obama considers turkeys: America’s middle class people. They’re going to lose their jobs in larger numbers than before. 355 more words


My education . . . courtesy of Connie

I was always in awe of my big sister Connie. She was so brilliant! For example, I learned these two little things from Connie:

  • Flipping the bird (with your middle finger) came to be from “some guy in New York.”
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Sisterly Love

Public Housing

The problem with public housing is that the residents are not the owners. The people who live in the house did not earn the house, but were merely loaned the property by the actual owners, the taxpayers. 205 more words


Speaking in Colors

Every story has a bias. Nothing you say is black and white, just like this sentence, which could mean that you speak in colors, or that you could speak while you’re inside a color, or more than one. 436 more words

Snickers & Snarks

The Donkeys are complaining that Pelosi didn’t get the Democrat message out. The evidence is the thumping they took in the mid-term elections.

The Opposite is actually true. 208 more words


I flipped a guy off.

Today, I flipped a guy off.
As I was making a right turn on a red light, checking to my left, I could see that he was far enough away from the intersection for me to turn, but he was also in the lane closer to me. 766 more words