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Are you a super-worker or a mini-queen?

I think that middle managers are forgetting that they’re supposed to do as much ‘work’ of the people below them as they are the ‘leadership’ of the people above them. 330 more words

You Can Go Your Own Way. OR : recording progress is a matter for you, and you alone.

Below is a quote from the most recent statement from the DfE, regarding the impending demise of national curriculum levels:

“We accepted the Expert Panel’s recommendation to remove level descriptors from the national curriculum and not replace them. 596 more words


Guest Post: Compliance Culture in Emerging Markets -- Tone at the Top or Tone in the Middle?

Today’s guest post is from Gönenç Gürkaynak, the managing partner and head of the Regulatory and Compliance Department at ELIG, Attorneys-at-Law, a leading law firm in Istanbul: 567 more words

Guest Commentary

Innovation v Creativity

Couldn’t have said this better myself: From Gaping Void

They’re synonyms. But companies shut their creatives up in a room together. And then ask the rest of the company to innovate.

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Against Editors

Against Editors.

Here is the traditional career track for someone employed in journalism: first, you are a writer. If you hang on, and don’t wash out, and manage not to get laid off, and don’t alienate too many people, at some point you will be promoted to an editor position. 1,070 more words