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Boots takeover gives dull managery types something to talk about

Wide eyed but dull managery types throughout the country have filled wine bars, chain coffee shops and hotel lobbies today to excitedly discuss the fact that one huge faceless corporation has taken over another. 219 more words



Nothing comes easy.

Patience is a virtue.

You get out what you put in.  

There are no free passes.

we all work, we all sweat, and most of us are at jobs that aren’t exactly what we wanted to be.   184 more words

Middle & Top Management Skills, pe 30 august in Cluj-Napoca

Va invitam sa participati, in intervalul 30-31 august 2014, la primul curs integrativ dedicat managerilor de nivel middle si top din Romania.

Vom aborda domenii esentiale pe care un manager de top trebuie sa le stapaneasca, de la comunicare si argumentare pana la negociere si diplomatie. 170 more words


Three In Between (2014)

1. Bologna between two pieces of bread.

2. Break between classes.

3. Middle management.


To deal with the highs and lows-

As it goes.


Library Services by Hadrian

“Brick by brick my citizens, brick by brick.” — Roman Emperor Hadrian

When he was responsible with the monumental task of building the Roman Empire, Hadrian offered these words to Romans to teach them not to focus too much on the big picture but rather look at it in a way that it can be accomplished simply brick by brick. 463 more words

10 Reasons Why Being A Writer Is Like Working In Middle Management

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1.  Both the people at the level below you and the people at the level above you suspect there is no need for you at all. 324 more words

Unscientific Generalisations

Overcoming Disconnect Between Middle & Upper Management

Is your management team preventing growth or are they a competitive advantage?

Two common themes exist in most organizations.  “Upper Management is too distant.”  “Middle Management is too independent.”  Essentially they are saying the same thing right?  1,444 more words