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Tonight is Cole’s middle school Winter Formal Dance. It will be held the school auditorium from 6-9pm. Cole’s going, It took him a while to decide whether or not he really wanted to but ultimately he decided he wanted to go. 305 more words

Family Life

What do you do when stress and anxiety follow you?

I have to admit that today was not my best day. Work was rough, the kids were wild, and anxiety decided to follow me around all day. 262 more words


Zero Fade

• Grade Range: 7th-adult
• Humor/Coming of age
• Author: Chris L. Terry
• Title: Zero Fade
• Publisher: Curbside Splendor Publishing
• 2013
• 295 pages. 685 more words

Middle School

Sons of the 613

• Grade Range: 7th-high school
• Humor/Coming of age
• Author: Michael Rubens
• Title: Sons of the 613
• Publisher: Clarion
• 2012
• 320 pages. 315 more words

Middle School

Navigating Minefields on Social Media

Used in a responsible way, social networking can have tremendous benefits for teenagers and adults like. But the potential drawbacks of careless, irresponsible, or reckless use are very real. 280 more words

Upper School

Claus and Effect

I actually wrote this story when I was a senior in high school. In the spirit of the season, I felt it fitting to publish. 2,168 more words


Bathroom Jokes Aren't Always Intentional

I know I’m supposed to be writing a series on universal pedagogical practices, but something so funny and so quintessentially middle school happened today that I just had to share: 141 more words