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On Dance Class and the Sixth Grade Boy

As part of the arts-centered curriculum at Gabe’s school, all entering sixth graders are required to take a year-long exploratory arts course, which devotes one quarter each to visual arts, drama, instrumental music, and dance. 719 more words

Getting Started

I unlock my classroom door, and as always, the papers I didn’t finish grading the day before greet me. And as usual, I jog down the hall to make photo copies and my daily battle with my arch nemesis the copy machine ensues, as it devours and single handedly destroys my main copy, and then screams and beeps at me to fix the damage it has done. 292 more words


acrostic poem assessment (the north)

To my delight and excitement, the chapter on the North is mostly social history.  We look at working conditions, economics, changing family structures, women’s roles, child labor, inventions, unionization, etc.  444 more words


I can't help it! I'm bipolar!

More confusing than comical, when I started my experience with the middles, was the statement proclaimed by several quick-tempered students in all three (6th, 7th, 8th) grades. 573 more words

Middle School

Parenting after a Mission Trip

A short term mission trip is one of the most powerful experiences a student may have. God uses the space and time on these trips to impact students in life-changing ways, and in many cases, generates an excitement for the gospel that has never been present before.   627 more words

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SERVE DAY is next Saturday!

Hey Sojourn!
It’s not too late to get involved with SERVING Xenia and making a little money for Velocity (or smaller events over the summer).  It’s so easy to get involved. 75 more words


How to Deal with Gossip and Criticism

This post is dedicated to people who have been victims of gossip. We all have been criticized at some point in our lives, but some people face criticism more than the rest. 875 more words

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