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Review: Zane and the Hurricane by Rodman Philbrick

Zane and the Hurricane: A Story of Katrina by Rodman Philbrick

Zane lives in New Hampshire with his mother and is sent to visit his newly discovered great grandmother in New Orleans.  Unfortunately, he is there when Katrina hits.  Headed out of the city with his grandmother’s pastor in their church van, Zane is safe until his little dog, Bandit jumps out of the open window because some larger dogs in another vehicle are barking at him.  Zane goes after him, walking for miles until he catches him.  Realizing he’s closer to his grandmother’s house than the vehicle, he heads back there.  Then the storm comes.  Zane is in a house that is leaking, the flood waters start to rise, and he climbs with Bandit up into the attic.  From there he is rescued by an older musician wearing a wild looking hat and a young girl.  As chaos descends on the city, Zane finds that all of the rules change but that it is human kindness that makes all the difference. 199 more words

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Wonder is Wonderful

I miss my mother/daughter book club.   It quietly dispersed when our then sixth grade daughters got busy with activities.  Now that the girls are entering eighth grade — the second year of middle school in our town — I wish our group could meet one more time to talk about a book I absolutely love – … 654 more words

Using a Rick Bragg's Writing in the Middle School Writing Classroom

Do you enjoy humorous stories about the south?  If so, you must check out Rick Bragg’s writing.  Rick Bragg is a southern writer who is published in each edition of… 70 more words


Supreme Court Supports Random Drug Testing Of Students

By Amy E. Feldman

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - Can a public school randomly drug test its students?

The parents of a 14-year-old Pennsylvania girl had simply had enough of the school’s random drug tests. 153 more words

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Those who can...

This is from my other blog called MEtopia.

It’s about my fears and doubts concerning teaching and starting this new career. Will I be one of those who can do, but can’t teach? 9 more words


Book Review: "Boundaries With Teens"

So my first attempt at writing this post was sadly deleted, but hopefully I can remember all the glowing comments I made!

This book was #32 of my… 436 more words


The Sharp Point

But Is It Fun, Though?
by Deej Sharp

Well-meaning friends with no background in education love to offer me professional advice. My favorite is the ever reoccurring, “But have you tried to make learning fun?” My sarcastic instincts want to answer, “Of course not! 315 more words