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Middle class problems

What a tough life this family must lead. Imagine the scene: Struggling to pay the bills, not enough food in the house, desperate search for a second pony…

Festival dance music from the middle east

Festival dance music from the middle east Arrac Laham & Mishwee &Thou —————————————————————————————…

Lasting longer than I thought...

Two weeks pass by, still together. I’ve never felt this feeling before, feeling like someone is willing to of anything and is happy just because they are with me. 139 more words


Where it all started

I would say that I have always been very mature for my age. I never went through the rebellious stage, or the ” I don’t care about anything but myself” stage either. 192 more words



I’m just going to write this randomly because I just feel like it….mad or what? It’s way past my bedtime and I should be getting some sleep before college  tomorrow, but no….here I am, writing again…. 290 more words


Rex-Goliath Free Range Pinot Noir ($5.99)

This was another Kelly’s purchase that I based on the label alone. We have chickens, the label has a chicken, what could go wrong? Actually, nearly everything the label states is true. 245 more words

2012 The Seventh China Middle EXPO Laser Music Fireworks Show

The laser music firework show designed by Intently Fireworks manager Mr.Zhang.
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