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Upper Back Pain | Middle Back Pain | Lower Back Pain Symptoms | Remedy | Relieve - YouTube

Upper Back Pain | Middle Back Pain | Lower Back Pain Symptoms | Remedy | Relieve St. Mary Medical Center – Orthopedics Set up an appointment now! 17 more words

The Science Behind Fog

Fog is a collection of water droplets suspended in the air, near the Earth’s surface. Some consider fog a type of low-lying cloud. Fog forms when water vapor condenses into tiny water droplets left in the air… 6 more words


What Temperature is Lava? Is there Anything Lava Cannot Melt?

When Lava is erupted the lava could be 700 to 1,200 °C (1,292 to 2,192 °F)


Iron will not melt because it’s melting point is 1538 °C, Glass will also not melt (2,300°C). 18 more words


Can a Gas go Straight into a Solid?

Yes, a gas can go straight into a solid. Gas to solid phase transitions are known as “deposition.” One example of deposition is snow. The sub-freezing air creates the water vapor into a cloud. 14 more words


Resource In Action: When kids give me “Patience"

Single mom, three kids, and a road trip

We’ve been driving for four hours now, broken up by the stop and go of too many gas station visits. 435 more words

Rachael Recommends

4) Dating – What’s in a name

Would a rose by any other name smell just as sweet?  Apparently not!  A woman’s screen name on a dating site can set the tone of future interactions. 844 more words

Hallucinations of the Prinsediran XIX: One Is [In Between]

Here we are again, in a life where everyone tends to pick one end of the line. Moi looked upon me and said,

“One is either good or bad, one can still be in between. 140 more words