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American Pressed Glass: Early, Middle, Late Periods

Before 1820, American made glass was blown glass which was costly to produce because the labor intensive manufacturing process.  American manufacturers were  unable to compete with foreign imports that flooded the market.  423 more words

Pattern Glass

The time has come, for all good men/women to.. 

Take a stand against the noxious puppets of filthy rich punks who think that their blatant disregard of the American people has gone unnoticed. 


Practice It Right-Let's Be Polite (37)

Can’t you see?

That I am in the middle of watching Downton Abbey?



Almost Paradise

When you think of paradise, what do you picture? Sandy beaches with coconut palms waving in the breeze? Peaceful, clear water that looks as though it’s made of glass? 387 more words


Tugas: Regionalisme dan Prospek Regionalisme Timur-Tengah Pasca-Arab Spring


Kerjasama antar negara-negara yang berada dalam suatukawasan untuk mencapai tujuan regional bersama adalah salah satu tujuan utama mengemukanya regionalisme. Dengan membentuk organisasi regional dan atau menjadi anggota organisasi regional, negara-negara tersebut telah menggalang bentuk kerjasama intra-regional. 771 more words


Being in the Middle = Emotional Breakdown

If there is one thing that gets me really upset, angry, and gives me a huge emotional breakdown for possible days, it’s being in the middle of family drama, and choosing one side over the other (Or being forced to choose one side). 732 more words