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middle love

ask her again

and wonder out loud

she claims to have moved on

and sing a song

where it appears that her heart

is tied to the sand… 55 more words



It is a sad fact that I cannot often get past ‘Chapter Three’ of any work I start. I chug along just fine, pumping out the words, and then in the middle of chapter three, I start to stall. 25 more words


"The Typical Household, Now Worth a Third Less"

“The inflation-adjusted net worth for the typical household was $87,992 in 2003. Ten years later, it was only $56,335, or a 36 percent decline, according to… 80 more words


Aston Martin Lagonda Teased Ahead Of Its Arrival In The Middle East by Auto Blog Via

Aston Martin has released this teaser photo of the upcoming Lagonda sedan that will be sold exclusively in the Middle East, next year.
The Lagonda name dates back to the 1976 Lagonda sedan. 37 more words

الله يقطعهم على هالعيشة.....

الله يقطعهم على هالعيشة…..

إمبارح، حكاني صاحبي نيلسن ڤان هاوسن السويدي، بيشكيلي عن الوضع عندهم بالسويد؟
النرويج نازلة ضرب صواريخ عليهم، اللاجئيين الفنلنديين والدنماركيين ماخلولهم محل، البروتستانت حروب طول الوقت مع الكاثوليك، غلاء مش طبيعي، طالع عندهم جماعة إسمها “فلولخ”، مفكرة حالها لسة بأورشليم أيام المسيح، عم بهجروا المسلمين أو بيقتلوهم، حكامهم ولا قادرين يعملوا شي وماشيين بالزبط شو ما السعودية بتأمرهم، والشعب الله لا يورجيك، قمة بالتخلف والفتاوي، ولا حد عارف الله وين حاطه…..شي عن جد قرف وعم بيفكر يهاجر عنا على الأردن أو سوريا أو العراق، أي شي المهم يرتاح من الهم الي عندهم……


Million Dollar Stairs

Boston College’s campus is located on a very steep hill, and steep hills call for high numbers of stairs and lots of walking. Stairs, unlike most other physical parts of a campus, tend to be overlooked and deemed unimportant, as all they represent are ways for people to travel from one place to another. 216 more words

Farewell and Hello

It’s not easy to say goodbye. This summer we are parting with an old friend: our dear little mini-building on Nagle Avenue.

For the last two years, we’ve been living in two different locations. 629 more words