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Mi.Mu Midi performance gloves

Watch Imogen Heap perform at a TED talk using only her voice and her Mi.Mu MIDI performance gloves. This may be the future of performing electronic music, or simply a great idea that no body could master (or afford). 27 more words


Dream Catalogue has officially announced the release date and info for DREAMCAT#0017

This release will be VIRTUAL REALITY ’97 「PLATINUM EDITION」by ライフMIDI

The album will be released… 8 more words


Dresses are always tricky to wear casually. I myself always seem to feel overdressed as soon as I’m wearing a dress without heels, but the new midi-craze that has swept the fashion nation has changed that completely for me. 198 more words

MIDI tools are just not that hard to write

OK, so I’ve finally done it.

I’ve grown tired of all the different MIDI libraries out there that don’t work.  I’ve decided to write my own. 125 more words


White Lining on Broadstreet (or RoboRock)

My first try at side-chaining, a technique in electronic music that, if done right, maintains the thump of the kick drum when lots of other stuff is going on that could drown it out (i.e. 26 more words


Drums to MIDI Tutorial (Ableton Live 9)

This beginners level tutorial is centered around converting an Audio Drum Track into a MIDI drum track.

We will also briefly cover the basics of setting up a New Live Session, importing an audio track and even cleaning up the session view to better suit your needs. 62 more words