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So much to learn.

It’s turning out to be more difficult than I even imagined.  I have done a piece with the working title “kitty kitty” but it’s nowhere near being ready for release.   92 more words


Core Audio: Playing Multiple MIDI Tracks through an AUGraph

For my final year project I’m developing an iPhone app that makes heavy use of MIDI. Part of this includes developing a multi-track MIDI sequencer. I’m using Core Audio for my app, and I found out the hard way that the only well-documented aspect of Core Audio is how badly documented it is. 1,350 more words

Calvin Klein Sports bra
Midi skirt: Forever 21 (Similar)
Boots: Nasty Gal (Sold out)
Bag: Louis Vuitton

After being absent for nearly a month, I am so glad Fall semester is over with. 69 more words

Peaches played on peaches

…but not by Presidents.

Andrew Huang and Jan Willem Kolkman created a MIDI controller using peach halves and slices of peach pie as triggers to perform a cover of the Presidents of the United States of America’s hit “Peaches” in a grocery store. 31 more words

Milo Instrument Digital Interface

Good news everyone! The milo Tinstrument has gone through an exciting change over the weekend…the addition of two more strings! The middle strings are now double course, and tuned in octaves with the original strings (like a 12 string guitar). 151 more words


Deck the halls with this hacked dot-matrix printer

Now, what would the season be without its fair share of Christmas carols? Well, MIDIDesaster has decided to give the traditional sing-a-longs a bit of a Maker twist using his MIDI compatible dot-matrix printer. 86 more words

Makers Movement