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8 Strategies To Cope With Your Teenage Daughter’s Bedroom

I remember when I first gave birth to NC how super-excited I was to have a girl. My girlie hormones and imagination went into complete over-drive about pink and fluff and glitter, dolls that cried and pooped and wooden dolls houses where we would recreate happy families together. 669 more words

Midlife Observations

Too Cool For Middle-Age School

Although I like to paint myself on this blog as some kind of Bohemian, middle-aged rebel, the reality couldn’t be further from the truth.

The absolute best thing about writing is that you can invent the person you’d like to be. 612 more words

Midlife Observations

Life's 'Colour' Shouldn’t Cost Anything

I’ve been thinking a lot about how I overthink all the time, particularly these last few days in the light of the death of Robin Williams. 932 more words

Midlife Observations

How To Change The LifeStyle Of Middle Aged Man

The problem with having to change your lifestyle is having to change to your lifestyle.

The old man is suffering from his eighth mid-life crisis… 497 more words

Midlife Observations

Middle-Aged Grinch Asks: What’s With Having To Be Perfect All The Time?

‘Do more of what makes you happy.’

But what if that’s putting dog food in your husband’s food because he upset you?

‘Start each day with a grateful heart.’ 780 more words

Midlife Observations

Being Clucky, Parenting Newborns and Coveting Their Toys

It was strange to travel back to the newborn stage when I visited my sister and her 8-week old baby for the first time last weekend. 562 more words

Midlife Observations

New Babies, Flying And ADHD

Kurt and I are going on a mini break together to meet his newborn cousin today.

He is very excited. I have some concerns.


My son has never met a real, live baby before. 377 more words

Midlife Observations