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The most beautiful place on earth: Lofoten part 3

There’s something about the light in northern Norway. It comes in one of two extremes: spectacular and mind-bending, or non-existent. In winter you’ve either got the trippy northern lights, or it’s pitch black. 306 more words


Laino River, Sweden 2014

Chasing Silver under the midnight sun. TwinPeake’s spend their lives in search of far out fly fishing destinations around the globe when not guiding on the Scottish River Dee. 49 more words


Day For Night (Midnight Sun)

I belong to the night, where my worries have been put to rest.
You belong to the day while your dreams chase the Sun.
We meet only in passing, long enough to glimpse moments filled with countless words. 148 more words

Stephen Quammie

Sånn er livet - Frostbite

Marathon running has been put on hold for the time being.The last time I excitedly went into a rant about the race, 78° North and how incredible it’s going to be (whilst on crutches) a mountain guide replied “ 1,942 more words

The most beautiful place on earth: Lofoten part 1

For the record, I’ve never killed anything through neglect. Nothing with a central nervous system anyway (sorry about your plants, landlords). Nevertheless, I’m feeling mighty guilty for letting the blog fall by the wayside for so long while other writing projects took over. 713 more words



As shout-out to my nordic roots, today’s spot is the northern region of Lapland, Finland. This my friends is where Santa Claus lives. I have said to many:  139 more words