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In the land of Vikings...

The name of Vikings reminds me the childhood stories of the seafarers. And recently it is boosted again through animation! Yup I am talking about the Island of Berk, where Hiccup and toothless live. 439 more words


the GOASTT: Animals

Lovin’ this psychedelic freak show from the GOASTT which sets out to spoof the Source Family and all things wacky and occult. Wait for the UFO’s round’ 4:00 ; )

Song Of The Day

Sunday Beer Blog

Years ago my husband and I started a very personal relationship with beer- we began to brew at home. As all good home-brewers know, it’s required by law that one drinks while brewing. 372 more words


Lessons Learned From Living in the Land of the Midnight Sun


In the world I knew, the sun only moved across the horizon from one side to the other. This is because I was born and raised in rural… 939 more words


BEAST (비스트): The Day You Rest (니가 쉬는 날)

Woo baby 내일 뭐해 쉰다고 난 일 있는데
Woo baby naeil mwohae swindago nan il inneunde
Woo baby, what are you doing tomorrow? You’re resting? I am working though… 647 more words


BEAST (비스트): When I Miss You (니가 보고 싶어지면)

우연히 얘길 들었어 잘 지내는지 잘 지내는 것 같아 나
uyeonhi yaegil deureosseo jal jinaeneunji jal jinaeneun geot gata na
I coincidentally heard news about you, are you doing well?  577 more words