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Floral Mania: Midriff Edition 2.0

OUTFIT REPEATER!!!! Well no, not really. TOP REPEATER! Hahaha :D Who the heck cares, right?! Just as long as you wear the top differently. I usually wait at least a month or two to wear the same piece of clothing but I absolutely loved this one that I couldn’t wait to try it out with a boho-Coachella inspired look. 123 more words


50 Shades of Blue

Last Summer 2013, my obsession were summer dresses! This year, midriffs are in! Don’t get me wrong, I’ll always go back to my staple dresses but it’s just that I absolutely love how I can flaunt my teeny tiny tummy this season! 45 more words


Rules for Rocking the Crop Top

When it comes to spring trends that make me nervous, crop tops are at the top of my list. The short hemmed shirts put all the attention on the midriff, which can be terrifying if you have not been to the gym since last year. 191 more words

Tipday-Thursday! 30 Day Abs Challenge!

Hi Guys :)

This week’s Tipday-Thursday (despite its belated-ness) is about the 30 Day Abs Challenge :)

If you read this blog you will know I’ve decided to start working on improving the way I see and feel about my body image, that involves a quest to tone and shape the midriff. 180 more words


Power & Purity

Black symbolizes power. This color is indeed popular in the fashion industry because it makes you appear thinner. For me black is one stylish and classic color. 55 more words

Closeup Forever Summer

Beach Party in the City “Closeup Forever Summer”

Outfit Details: 

Head Accessory : Forever 21

Midriff : Forever 21

Shorts: Fudgerock

Sandals: Australian

two weeks before the event. 108 more words


Floral Mania: Midriff Edition

This look is @Zozeeboo inspired ;) Saw her last vid going to the Universal Studios in Florida and she paired her midriff with jeggings and she looked so cahyoot! 21 more words