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Lemon & Berry Springtime Cake

Culinary school has been keeping me very busy lately. Even though I’ve been cooking and baking during what little free time I’ve had (in order to keep my sanity), I haven’t had a chance to blog.   155 more words

Toni Woo

Missed And Be Missed

Isn’t it obvious that I haven’t made much of an appearance in a few weeks, and it dawned on me, how much I miss you all. 380 more words


midterm cevapları


1) Türk Sosyolojisi’ nin çoğu zaman  batı sosyolojisini takip ederek yerli sosyoloji açısından yeni bir bilgi üretimi yapmadığını düşünüyorum. Benzer bir durumu felsefede de görmüyor muyuz?   275 more words

Speaking Tips -- Midterms

Guide to Scoring Your Speaking Section

  • Could I hear you? You should speak loudly and clearly.
  • Did you speak without reading your notes? A small amount of reading is okay, but do not read a lot!
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Spring 2014


Finally, all my midterms are over. I feel so relieved, so relaxed, and so much more at peace with myself. My good mood is probably also because of getting a better grade than I thought I would be getting for Financial Accounting. 307 more words


Study Guide available


The first part of your Midterm study guide is available. Please click here (or go to the top of the website) to view it. 24 more words

Spring 2014

Dynamic Interfaces Midterm – Playtest

In collaboration with Apon Palanuwech.

Fortunately, Playtech was happening this weekend and we had a chance to playtest the game with more people. Things worked out better than we planned: we managed to have 18 people playing at once.  7 more words