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Elements of Music

Elements of Music

Pitch – register (high or low);  Organization of pitches with a pattern of intervals between them creates scales;  Words we might use to describe scales: major/minor, chromatic, gapped, pentatonic. 843 more words


Nobody has 7 midterms

If you’re in college, and probably high school, you’ve heard the word “midterm” thrown around quite a bit. In fact, you’ve probably heard people claim they’re studying for 7 midterms, making your meager 3 midterms seem unworthy, and forcing you to shy away from any and all conversation about them. 460 more words

Off The Record

Learning Windows

I think the last timeI failed a course was my driving test. I did not get my novice drivers on the first try, instead it took me two tries to get it. 230 more words