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Spicy Mussels

As I said earlier on Twitter (you can follow us @hungryswans) it is Thursday! Well observed… BUT just because it’s Thursday, and I’m tired blah blah blah that doesn’t mean that I can’t rustle up a dinner fit for a romantic Saturday night in… in less than an hour. 376 more words


Everything At Parity Once More

With the results of the series 6 exam for those of the class assigned to annuities already apparent, it means that from tonight onward, the review for series 63 begins in earnest.   217 more words

Personal Thoughts

November 12, 2014

Midweek yet again
Life continues on and on
Still not sure quite why


12/11/14 - Ipswich

Track – Good 3   Rail – True    Weather – Fine

Race 1 – Speed Test (2)     (Really not fussed on this race)

Race 2 – It’s On The P0cket (1) 13 more words


Midweek Selection - 11th November

Good evening ladies and gentlemen, another short update as we delve into the Conference and the Johnston’s Paint Trophy, putting our faith in the four B’s for this evening! Enjoy!

Midweek -


Half Head Start, Half Goofing Off

We finally received the review material for series 63, so for those of us who’ve finished with the series 6 exam, it’s more or less free time to do some advanced reading, while the rest continue their review for their test on the 11th.   261 more words

Personal Thoughts

Post-Exam Duties And Somesuch

I don’t think I’ve felt as well-rested as I did today.   I suppose the fact that the burden of the Series 6 Exam is off my shoulders, and I don’t have to worry about Series 63 until after everyone’s taken the exam, which should happen after November 11. 108 more words

Personal Thoughts