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It's Forty Degrees and Raining

 The rain made me believe I swam

in the ocean again, but this time there was no 

salty ring around my lips, no briny sea air to catch… 100 more words


Spring Snow to Spread Over Minneapolis, Duluth

Anyone notice how since 2009 , snow is coming earlier and later each year. Even the super warm winter of 11-12 had the October snow and then the late season one in western pa that left over 250k without power) 135 more words

stlou: blueprint coffee

Coffee can be quite a mystery to me sometimes, and I bet you feel some degree of the same. Much like wine or chocolate, there are mounds and mounds of knowledge that I seem to not have access to, but am very curious about. 161 more words


Profane Folk Existence

In April of 2013 I went on my first major tour with Reagan Youth where I met Mike Defendant. He was opening for the band in Louisville, Kentucky. 1,697 more words

- snow fall -

Walking grounds again…

Mother won’t repent…

as I bundle up myself,

sifting through the morning belt.

White covers the day…

dimmer than the grey… 

where’s the bright side of the sun? 45 more words


Spring Preening

A group of gulls huddle together on an ice float and preen feathers, making room on the frozen space for a goose. It’s a group spring cleaning. 98 more words