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AHS reminds Albertans to take care in selecting individuals to assist with home births

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AHS reminds Albertans to take care in selecting individuals to assist with home births

CALGARY — Following recent incidents in the Calgary Zone involving home birthing attendants or “traditional home delivery providers,” Alberta Health Services (AHS) is reminding expectant mothers to check credentials before engaging the services of non-regulated individuals, such as home birthing attendants. 275 more words

50 little loaves of bread

In my limited knowledge and experience, I must come to the conclusion that the only good thing that came out of Belgium’s colonization of DRC is its bread. 800 more words

Maternal Mortality

Shiphrah & Puah: God’s midwives (Exodus 1:8-22)

Read Exodus 1:8-22 on BibleGateway

There was a stillness in the room now. The cries had quietened down and stopped. The pain had eased. The extreme physical exertion of pushing out a baby was at an end. 1,147 more words

Bible Characters

An Intervention in Maternity Care

In the dictionary to intervene is defined as,

“to take a decisive or intrusive role (in) in order to modify or determine events or their outcome” 2,134 more words


The Power of Vernix - Why baby isn't getting a bath straight away

Newborns emerge into this world red-faced, squalling and covered in a creamy guck (not a technical term).

In years past practices and expectations were that baby would be whisked away, given a first bath to clean that guck off, plus a whole series of tests, and placed fresh, clean and swaddled in mom’s arms sometime after birth, sanitized, and picture perfect. 421 more words


The birth of Hank (quick hospital birth with midwives)

Erin shares the birth story of her son Henry (Hank). Thanks for sharing, Erin!

On Saturday, September 14th (12 days before my due date), I woke up with really bad hip pain. 838 more words


El Parto Respetado/ Respected Birth

Last month we were also able to start and support a Respecting Birth Campaign in the public hospital of La Ceiba: the influence  of the enviroment during childbirth, avoid episitomies, stop kristeller (fundul pressure) and YES to protect the perineum! 65 more words

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