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Evelynn Claire's Birth Story

It was April 8, five days past my due date.  I was huge, sore, grumpy, and really ready for everyone to stop asking me when the baby was coming, if I was still pregnant, or making irritating comments about my girth.  1,966 more words

The Night Strangers by Chris Bohjalian

The Night Strangers by Chris Bohjalian

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The Night Strangers is the first novel I have read by Chris Bohjalian, and I think I’ve found a new addiction! 487 more words

Dangers of Hospital Births: Why Birthing in a Hospital Can Cause More Problem's than it Solves - SEPARATION ANXIETY


Separation Anxiety

Perhaps the most egregious and unnecessary interference with the normal birth sequence is the separation of mother and baby immediately after birth. Even a ten-minute separation is too long during this critical first hour after birth—it prevents the natural nipple stimulation that increases the mother’s oxytocin, which will contract the uterus and prevent a postpartum hemorrhage. 1,217 more words



The average cost of hospital delivery is $30,000 and for a C-Section it is $50,000 or $20,000 more. Add to the profit motive the fear by more than a third of doctors of being sued for a failed healthy delivery and you have the reason why C-Sections in the past 40 years have climbed from 5% to about 33% of all deliveries of newborns. 230 more words

Common Sense

The Former Sonic Queen (Ode to a Picky Eater)

I’ll never forget it.  My babysitter was named Henrietta and she played by the rules.  Eat your applesauce or you don’t get down from the table. 913 more words


Take A Virtual Tour Of The Mother Baby Center At Abbott

Don’t have time for the real thing?  

Now you can take a virtual tour of The Mother Baby Center at Abbott Northwestern Hospital.

Of course you can do both.   17 more words


Mama Guerrilla: Taína Asili Part II

In honor of Baby Caona’s second birthday this month, this is the second part to Featured Mami Taína Asili’s story. In the first part we saw two videos of powerful performances by Taína Asili y la Banda Rebelde and we learned about her experiences with her first birth and her transformation into mommahood. 3,342 more words

Empowered Birth