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Why Are We Asking Doctors if Women Should Have Midwives? (courtesy of Cristen Pascucci)

Why Are We Asking Doctors if Women Should Have Midwives?

Written by Cristen Pascucci, founder of Improvingbirth.org

Shouldn’t women decide if women have midwives?

Two weeks ago, I was bumped from a national radio show (I still love you, … 4,519 more words


16 weeks: how big is an avocado anyway?

This week’s Baby size as fruit or vegetable: Avocado

Pregnancy symptom of the week: Fatigue

This week Baby is apparently the size of an avocado, a fruit (or is it a vegetable?) I’m not entirely sure I’ve ever eaten but always avoid as I’m convinced I don’t like them. 540 more words


Baby Number Two -- Chapter 4

Our new home had what could only be described as a professionally decorated nursery. The room had a soft pale beige, almost white, carpet with an oversized under padding. 813 more words


Our First Cave Baby: Bowen's Birth Part I

After 42 weeks and 6 days of waiting, wondering, praying, and listening to the nurses’ horror stories of everything that has ever gone wrong with an overdue pregnancy, our healthy baby boy finally decided to grace us with his presence. 864 more words


The Best Christmas Gift

Tell us about something that happened to you in real life last week — but write it in the style of a fairy tale.

Once upon a time a lady wanted another baby. 412 more words


Producing semi-skimmed milk

I always thought the subject of ones weight was an annoying part of life that began much later on in life, if you are lucky to have been blessed with reasonably good genes, or around puberty in any case. 616 more words

Slaves, Doulas, Midwives

Dear Sor Juana,

The birds have been so loud lately, tweeting and twittering from well before dawn (that’s the rooster up the road who has no respect for human’s sleeping patterns – another reminder of our place in nature’s chain) right through the day. 494 more words