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The Science of Magic (A Visit to the Partera)

I didn’t really want to go to this particular midwife (partera), because of our friend Chica’s telling us about the woman’s uncanny ability to accurately predict a baby’s sex. 1,071 more words

Time to recommend and give,  rather than just “offer” flu and whooping cough vaccination in pregnancy.  

I recently attended a workshop lead by Public Health England  on the current status of flu and whooping cough vaccination. The presentation prompted me to write this blog as an exploration of how we as midwives currently provide this important health message to women. 869 more words


NMC Registration Fees

In order to practice, all nurses and midwives must pay an annual registration fee to the Nursing & Midwifery Council (NMC).

The NMC’s recent decision to increase registration fees to £120 means fees have gone up by 52% in the last three years – at a time when nurses and midwives have experienced a pay freeze. 25 more words

Everyday sexism: removing the labels

The agreement to enable women to reach the level of Bishop in the Church of England has once more raised the challenge of ‘labelling’- why is it the press ( and others) are saying ‘at last, there will be women Bishops’ rather than just calling them Bishops? 263 more words

It's simple: Canada needs more midwives

I once interviewed a midwife from the UK who questioned why it is that we are so unique when it comes to birthing in Canada. She said, “it is not like you Canadians have maple syrup coming out of your breasts.” It may not be maple syrup flavoured breast milk that makes us unique, but what does make us stand out is the fact that we are one of a few nations that has so few births attended by midwives. 754 more words



The silvery orb was just past full as I stared at it at 3:38 am, finally allowing the moon roof to fulfill its destiny.

I sat in the backseat of the car and rubbed my young sister-in-law’s shoulders as another contraction hit and began talking about the clear, frosted sky. 1,395 more words