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Rig Offshore Jack Up

Berikut adalah beberapa foto untuk menunjukkan seperti apa rig offshore Jack Up.

Serpong, Tangerang 41 more words


Mamma Migas! {recipe}

Some days, I just want to cook. Usually those days are on the weekend and not during the busy work week. After a relaxing weekend {hanging with friends, watching The Good Wife, getting a mani/pedi} I was ready to spend some time in the kitchen. 325 more words


BI Desak pemerintah Perbaiki Neraca Perdagangan Migas


JAKARTA, Bank Indonesia mendesak pemerintah memperbaiki kinerja neraca perdagangan sektor migas. Sebab, bila kinerja perdagangan migas tak dimitigasi dengan baik, neraca perdagangan tetap akan tertekan. 233 more words


Veracruz All Natural

After two foiled attempts, my excitement was high for the third try, the sure thing. I was finally going to enjoy what droves of Austinites laud as one of their greatest breakfast taco purveyors, … 519 more words


Summer Rain

A Few Recipes ideas converting your BBQ indoors or just singing in the rain!

Well it seems I tempted fate with yesterday’s post – alfresco dining- the predicted heatwave turned into lightning storms and a lot of rain. 1,919 more words

Blog Post


Sounds like a foreign word?” Jabber inquired suspiciously.  “Am I gonna’ like this?”

Oh yes, I do believe so!  Mexican eggs.  We’ve had them a few times at a local restaurant—they are my favorite thing to order whenever we go there.  Today I was hungry after my (never-ending) gardening adventures.  I’d not had breakfast and it was 11, so I decided to make them for my very own self! 332 more words