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Asking for help

I got to a point with my former neurologist, Dr. Jane Prosser, where she had run out of treatment ideas. I had something of a breakdown & couldn’t cope. 228 more words

Absent breakfast at Tiffany's, also lunch and dinner, also all solid foods for two days...

Hello, poppets. I have been unwell. Nothing serious—a hell-bender of a migraine the likes of which I haven’t seen (or felt) in years. It bothers me that I haven’t been answering your most recent comments. 129 more words


…I know this is slightly off topic to what I usually write, but feel the need to write about it as I suffer badly with these. 379 more words


Summer use to mean days in the pool, beach trips, time spent with friends and family.
Summer means none of those things.
I have spent most of my summer days inside. 327 more words


War on wheat

I have a headache. One of those behind the eyes, make you feel slightly sick headaches that lingers for days despite necking more painkillers than is sensible but less than is actually dangerous. 825 more words


Communicating your Pain

I am a graduate Nursing Student who also suffers from migraines on a daily bases. From my personal experience I found it very difficult to communicate how I was feeling with the 0-10 scale or other pain scales didn’t really reflect how I was feeling, so I developed my own. 122 more words

What next?!

Oh man, when it rain it’s pours right? No wonder I look forward to picking up B everyday! He releases me of all my stress! 147 more words