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12-20-14 flaws

Today I am able to wear my new glasses for the first time. My one eye prescription actually got better and I had to start them first thing in the morning. 9 more words

The Day After Gabriel Garcia Marquez Died

Yesterday, a migraine and Gabriel Garcia Marquez died. Today, my entire body is open, achy, tender, and sensitive. And when I think about someone who turns me on, my pussy hums. 29 more words

12-19-14 drowning sorrows

For some alcohol makes them forget and feel better. For me I get more melancholy. All alcohol does is make me sadder. So after a long full day I had some drinks to stay numb but instead I feel sadness overcoming me. 22 more words

Migraine May Raise Risk for Bell's Palsy, Study Suggests .

People who experience migraine headaches may be at heightened risk for the form of facial paralysis known as Bell’s palsy, a new study finds. 153 more words


Fleeting Moments

It takes me a moment to realize it. That’s the thing about pain, you’re aware when you’re in it but not when you’re not. Those pain free moments are fleeting just because you don’t realize them. 207 more words


12-19-14 feelings

To be made to feel like an insignificant piece of shit almost every day can break your soul into thousands of pieces leaving you unable to find yourself. 48 more words

I've Got a Migraine

I haven’t posted in awhile but I’m not going to go through the usual dialogue I usually go through, just dive right in.

A lot has happened since I last posted. 345 more words