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Pop Quizzes

I had no reason to be worried about the not-so pop quiz scheduled for my 1 o’clock class, I still had this nagging worrying feeling. I read over the material again at 9:30, a half hour before my first class of the day and well over 4 hours until the pop quiz itself. 789 more words


The Demon Inside

Okay, I’ve got a confession.  Tumbleweed and I love watching “Supernatural.”  And if you don’t know what that is… you should.  It’s a really dark series about two brothers who hunt, well, demons and any other unsavory creatures.  449 more words


Post Surgery Migraines Suck

Since my surgery, my migraines have gotten really bad. I’m not sure why. I have an appointment to see the neurologist on August 11th, but I’m wondering if I should try to get an earlier appointment. 224 more words


Help 9 Year-Old Lindsay Spread Awareness About Migraine Disease

I saw this video on: mymigrainelife.wordpress.com but wanted to share it with you readers. Are you aware that children (even babies), suffer from migraine? The little girl in the video below is only 9. 23 more words


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I was 9 when my migraines started. Migraines are not remotely fun, but for a child, they are downright scary. It's hard to understand why you feel the way you do.

Migraine my management

Migraines, they are a pain in the arse. They are, for most who suffer them, a great way to suddenly have war declared on bits and pieces of your neck and head. 780 more words

Short Stories

kale wrap

While up at the river house on Monday I just make a quick wrap for lunch out of some of the fresh ingredients in the kitchen garden. 42 more words


Rant II

So a while ago I posted Rant, and it seemed that small things were getting my goat. I was completely unaware what was causing my griping. 506 more words

Short Stories