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The never ending headache

Sometime my head throbs all day. Not horrible pain. Just enough to keep my attention away from what I need to do. I find myself holding my head up with my arm. 158 more words

Chronic Pain

Weak & Meek

Today I didn’t feel like a real girl.
I felt full of fluff and unraveling at my seams.

So I’ve posted about how since August I’ve had some strange pain in my throat/esophagus. 301 more words


Sometimes it does not take much to make someone feel loved. However, in my mind everyone is worthy of experiencing the unconditional love of others. A friend of mine has avoided coming over for dinner several times. 69 more words

Truth 21 October 22,2014 I've become what I feared

At a young age I watched a close family member go through a “nervous breakdown” as it was described to me. I watched them struggle through many emotions and they shut themselves away from others. 189 more words

Treating Migraine Pain with Acupuncture - Lakeside Sports Chiropratic

Although frequent migraines are a common indicator of a far more serious condition, the pain can almost always be relieved through acupuncture

Recent Study Connects Cannabis Receptors to Migraine Relief

Researchers from Italy’s C. Mondino National Neurological Institute have found evidence suggesting that compounds found in marijuana can ease pain and suffering during migraine headaches. 215 more words



At sunset, the surface of the farm is coated with fog and I am in the midst of my own inner fog—a migraine. The migraine trickled through the upper quadrant of my head at sunrise, and by noon, as the sky cracked with rain, I could no longer stand the relentless paroxysms of pain. 294 more words