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My crazy life.

Today isn’t one of my best days. I have so much to get done along with work this morning but I feel awful. I’m a migraine sufferer & the worst part is I don’t take the time to make it disappear. 56 more words


Link found between migraine and Parkinson's

Could there be a link between migraine and Parkinson’s disease? A new study suggests that there could be and that people who experience migraines in middle age could be more likely to develop Parkinson’s later in life. At Medical News Today

The Body

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The migraines have returned.

They are usually the same, awful, searing and throbbing pain over my left temporal lobe. Neurologists are not sure why mine are so bad, seems as though I’m “predisposed”. 169 more words



So… art therapy today was well-timed.

It’s not that I’m a danger to myself. But it’s not like I’m great. I’m suffering these peaks and valleys (mostly valleys) and the valleys are really deep… and all of it comes back to this thought: 216 more words


A Rough Morning and Shakeology

This morning around 6am I woke up with a terrible migraine. Unfortunately this meant I called out of my internship and slept until almost noon! When I woke up I felt a lot better, I could at least handle some sunlight and wasn’t feeling as nauseas anymore. 100 more words

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Migraine Free (No Whammies!)

A week ago today—because you bet I’ve been keeping track—marked six months since I’ve had a migraine. This is a BIG deal, friends. After a sixteen-year struggle with the things, which would come on at semi-regular intervals and render me incapacitated for 24-36 hours, this is a freedom I have to acknowledge and celebrate. 469 more words

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