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11-22-14 not moving

I’m in my bed and I’m not moving. I did my obligatory tasks this morning ate lunch and have been in bed since. This is what migraine head pain does to you. 123 more words

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My husband’s grandmother passed away, and the funeral was this week.  We all got through it, but I did have to work through it with migraine.   697 more words


The headache continues

I have now taken four doses of my topamax and two hundred milligrams of my precious triptans.  I called in sick.  I left work early yesterday.  227 more words

Live Every Day Like It's Your Last - Make it Count

The morning started as many do now in my new normal – in a health-related appointment. I’m trying not to allow this illness to define me, but they say: “Write what you know” and at this particular time in my life, I know medical appointments. 892 more words



She is talking about her day, interacting with students for the first time, telling me of the high lights of her morning. All I can think about is the pills in my wallet and if I had time to sneak them and if I didn’t, what would my co-op say. 74 more words


A man lacking sleep will give no poops

So last night we tried the new method of breastfeeding Josie before bed and then giving her formula the first time she wakes up screaming her head off. 400 more words

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Headache Hat- A New Ice Pack

The Headache Hat is not your everyday ice pack it outperforms what you probably own right nw and for less most likely. Luckily I was sent one of these amazing products to try for myself and the design is so simplistic yet ingenious I wanted to slap myself for not having sewn up a copy myself earlier. 387 more words

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