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”I tried so hard”

”I’m from Manila, the Philippines. I’ve been in Hong Kong for one month and 25 days. My employer was not good; they hurt me. The popo, the grandmother, gave me food from the garbage. 1,192 more words


Activist: “There are still many cases of abuse”

“What the main challenges for foreign domestic workers in Hong Kong are? There are still many cases of abuse, that’s an issue confronted by individual workers. 819 more words


Activist: “Migration is an international thing”

“Our clients today have on average two years of tertiary education, but, mind you: they still don’t read the contracts, because most of the time the recruitment agencies give them the contract when they are about to leave, and most of them are just too eager to get a job, a job that will feed their families and send their kids to school. 662 more words


Witness: Ivorian woman pushed off 6th floor for demanding salary

Ivory Coast-based Koaci.com has learned that a young Ivorian woman was found dead after having been reportedly pushed off the 6th floor of an apartment following a suspected feud with her sponsor concerning her salary payment. 525 more words

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Activist: “Many migrants suffer emotional distress”

“I’ve worked here at Mission for Migrant Workers for 33 years now. Of course that wasn’t the plan when I came here; I was meant to stay for two, three years to get the organisation started. 761 more words


Headlines June 21st, 2014

*These are the first headlines I’ve written. It’s possible I’ll get better.  Maybe.

  1. Obama has made public that he has plans for a protected marine area in the Pacific Ocean.
  2. 291 more words
John Mcgettigan

Deportation of Cambodian Workers Should Be Condemned

The inhumane deportation of close to 200,000’Cambodian workers from Thailand, in the past few days shows the true picture of the so called economic growth in Cambodia and the failure of poverty reduction strategy. 279 more words

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