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Lazarowicz: Government 'turning it's back on fellow human beings'

‘not just cruel but totally without logic

Mark Lazarowicz MP has attacked the Government for refusing to work with other European states to put in place search and rescue operations across the Mediterranean to save the lives of refugees and migrants desperately trying to reach Europe at risk of their lives. 333 more words

Tunnel denizens

While my recent attention has been drawn to the arriving Rainbowbirds, other less exuberant tunnel nesters are quietly going about their business. Pardalotes are tiny insectivorous birds, that belong to their own family… 77 more words

Bird Observations

Interesting times

In the bush it seems like the main breeding season is drawing to a close, with many bush birds currently feeding young. Out on the plains though there is still plenty of activity, with raptors getting busy raising youngsters, or in the case of this… 91 more words

Bird Observations

Let Them Drown: The UK's Latest Policy of Deterrence

From anti-immigrant vans featuring the slogan “In the UK illegally? Go home or face arrest” to “Don’t come to Britain, it’s horrible and wet” advertising campaigns aimed at Romanian and Bulgarian immigrants – much has been done by the British government in recent years to drive immigrants out of the UK and to put certain people off of coming here altogether. 430 more words

Asylum Seekers

And so it begins.....Entente Cordiale at the expense of the vulnerable

And so it begins

On 27th October, an event in Glasgow celebrated and rewarded the successes of asylum seekers and refugees in their efforts to integrate- and for those who are allowed to work- to recognise their contribution to their new society. 2,734 more words


Making a run for the border

IT WAS A STIFLING 35 degrees when we arrived in Musina, the kind of dry, dusty heat that makes every movement slow, even when you think you should be in a hurry. 2,880 more words


Britain Will No Longer Try and Save Migrants From Drowning in Mediterranean Sea

Britain will not support future EU search and rescue operations to help save migrants from drowning in the Mediterranean Sea as doing so only “encourages” others to seek refuge by crossing dangerous seas. 597 more words