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Airport anthropology, one next ting and di post weh mi did a write from before

Airport Anthropology

I feel the same way every time i go to the airport. Kinda puzzled, curious, worried. I know i feel a way because all i want to do is look at people coming outta the airport and who pick dem up. 2,021 more words


Cloud critical to strategy across industries

This week we’ll be bringing you an in-depth look at some findings from our Path to Value survey of 350 business and technology executives. From previous posts, we’ve seen that companies are moving assets to the cloud, but planning is in short supply. 181 more words


Taxation of cross-border commuters

Taxation of cross-border commuters

Michael McGoldrick

University of Stirling

One of the reasons that Professor Andrew Hughes-Hallett uses to claim that the Scottish budget will be stronger with independence is that there are “ 1,027 more words


Just a Hum, Hum, Humming along! Florida's Hummingbirds are coming soon!

Hummingbirds... a favorite -if not *the* favorite- feathered visitor for many of Florida’s most avid wild bird watchers. But what do they do when they’re not humming at our feeders? 507 more words

Kaoru Aoyama, PhD 2001-2005

I have been working at the Graduate School of Intercultural Studies, Kobe University, Japan, since October 2010. This is my first permanent academic job after temporary positions at Tohoku and Kyoto Universities. 802 more words

Setting up a 3-month-presence

As Marius wrote before, we are very busy with planning, coordinating, setting up our workplace (which is hard skipping from one wifi café to the next^^) and strengthening our partnerships. 349 more words