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Don Quixote - Miguel De Cervantes

Translated by Edith Grossman

Whenever I read a particularly long book and it takes me several months to finish it, it becomes part of me, like an old friend. 1,231 more words


Don Quixote: The Ballet Performance

Transferring something as involved and epic as a seventeenth century masterpiece into a medium devoid of dialogue provides a rich tapestry of discussion; throughout history various works of art, from literature and music have been systematically translated from one language into another, but it isn’t until these works are translated into another medium that the very nature of the work is called into question, especially when the new medium is seen as uncompromisingly unsuited or different to the original. 513 more words


Tropecé con un cuestionario entretenido e informativo acerca de obras importantes de la literatura universal que han sido escritas, en todo o en parte, cuando sus autores estaban en la cárcel. 226 more words

Martha Cecilia Rivera

‘Tis mine to seek for life in death,
Health in disease seek I,
I seek in prison freedom’s breath,
In traitors, loyalty.

So Fate that ever scorns to grant…

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The Story

When in my mind
I muse, o Love, upon the cruelty,
To death I flee,
In hope therein the end of all to find.

But drawing near…

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The Story

S. by J.J. Abrams and Doug Dorst: Why meta isn't always better

A trailer for a novel; “what is the world coming to?” I hear the literary traditionalists amongst you cry, and yet there is little that is conventionally novelistic about the way… 1,343 more words