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Oh Mii Oh My

I sure do love my Mii. He’s my little representative in all my Nintendo system games. I hand-crafted this fellow way back when I had a Wii, and have brought him with me to my Wii U, and had multiple trips through many 3DS systems (couldn’t make up my mind which one I wanted). 318 more words

Play: Tomodachi Life

So I’ve been playing Tomodachi Life for the last month and I really like it. Super wacky but way fun! I just hit 70 islanders this morning (one of my couples’ kid moved into the apartments). 266 more words


Quality of Life in Tomodachi Life

Quality of life should be a measure of the Island’s happiness. There is an Island Ranking that is unlocked through Streetpass — “Check out which islands have the highest Quality of Life. 276 more words


My Mii is having fun abroad!

Last week I posted a blog about the fun I had with Tomodachi Life, and the fun things the Mii’s that live in my game were having. 146 more words


AM BACK BITCHES'!!! ( Why I left and why life is so hard :( )


It’s been a while since I last posted here. Call me lazy but yes I admit I have. Said I wanted to post often but you know how life knocks back right at ya and you’re all “It’s so fucking cozy here~~!!!! 286 more words


Hair Raising

So…. I did it again. I got a “hair-brained” idea and decided, this doesn’t seem that hard, I can do it myself.

It started with a simple desire, I really wanted a long term protective style. 259 more words


Review: Tomodachi Life

Tomodachi Life is the new life sim game for Nintendo 3DS, that was released June 6th. You are able to take the Mii’s you have created on your system and insert them into life upon an island. 541 more words