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Hillary Clinton DID Have A Crisis Moment, Mika, and She Failed

Mika Brzezinski, of the morning “news” show Morning Joe on MSNBC,  seemed to think that it was a joke worthy of air quotes (much like I feel about her career) to refer to Benghazi as a… 343 more words


Women In Web Weekly Round-Up

It’s been another remarkable week at Women In Web and we’re working on some thrilling features that we simply cannot wait to share with you! 317 more words

Women In Web

Mika Brzezinski Literally Pulled A Live Cat Out Of Her Bag On 'Morning Joe'

Last time we checked in with Morning Joe co-host Mika Brzezinski, she was getting just a little fed up of all these totally boring Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 theories… 175 more words


Shut It Down Mika Brzezinski

So we now know that MA 370 crashed into the Indian Ocean.

That story started coming out early yesterday morning and was confirmed last night. A lot of legit news sources have been running with theories and speculation. 99 more words


Mika Brzezinski goes off the top rope on Scarborough

“Morning Joe” host Mika Brzezinski wasn’t about to let her co-host Joe Scarborough run wild Monday morning with conspiracy theories about the missing Malaysia jet. Instead she shuts him down and basically verbally deflowers his ego on live TV. Watch the exchange below:

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