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105 - All-New Doop (2014) #1

That’s Doop. That guy. The one that looks like Slimer from Ghostbusters. Doop was created by Peter Milligan and Mike Allred, and debuted in X-Force… 487 more words


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secret avengers #2 : issue #1 was terrific and #2 tops it with a great blend of action, humor, and intelligence in ales kot’s script topped off by flawless visual storytelling from michael walsh. 145 more words


Review: Silver Surfer Issue 1

Written by Dan Slott

Art by Mike Allred

Color by Laura Allred

Lettering by VC’s Clayton Cowles

Published by Marvel


The Silver Surfer has a problem. 435 more words

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Silver Surfer #1 - Mini Review

When I heard FF was ending my heart broke a little. Over the course of the title’s lifespan, Matt Fraction and Mike Allred made me fall in love with the rag tag family of outcasts; it was a 16 issue statement that if comic books are “for kids”, shouldn’t we adults be jealous? 247 more words


Silver Surfer (2014) #1 (Marvel)

CREDIT: Marvel Comics

Rating: 5/5 – The Surfer Rides Again in Pop Art Style.
by guest reviewer Kevyn Knox.

I have been waiting a long time for this one. 559 more words


Review: Silver Surfer #1

Silver Surfer #1

Writer: Dan Slott
Artist: Mike Allred

Once again the fabled former Herald of Galactus has received another monthly title. This time is couple with a new mysterious girl whom he doesn’t even know. 512 more words


The Real Hero of Battle of The Atom Arrives in ALL-NEW DOOP #1

This April, the weirdest mutant of them all takes center stage in his very own limited series! Today, Marvel is proud to present your first look at  202 more words