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Untying tongues: Why right now is a good time to read in translation

When Patrick Modiano won the Nobel Prize earlier this fall, the general response in the English-speaking world was a resounding, “Who?” Most of the novelist’s 20-odd books are unavailable in our widest-spoken official language — some out of print but most simply untranslated. 1,128 more words


William Gibson on the end of the future

For most novelists, inspiration is a mystical process: images appear to them; situations suggest themselves; characters walk into their thoughts. William Gibson is rather less romantic. 1,352 more words


Islington Boxing Club banned from the Emirates

The Islington Boxing Club, which has been banned from holding fund raising events at the Emirates Stadium, has referred its case to the Independent Football Ombudsman. 60 more words

Super-agent Andrew Wylie: 'Chances are things are going to work out'

For a man who foretells doom, Andrew Wylie looks upbeat. There’s a glint in the literary super-agent’s cool green eyes as he contemplates a crucial time for his industry. 954 more words