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Mike Love Of The Beach Boy's Working On An Autobiography

I’ve met Mike Love on three different occasions and each time he was very gracious. It’s going to be very interesting when his new autobiography comes out. 85 more words


Surfer Girl (1963)

Surfer Girl is a lot more interesting than Surfin’ USA. Having solidified their vocal style, the Beach Boys began to expand to different styles. It’s a stretch to call it “experimentation”, since the new styles are still fairly formulaic  (ballads, rootsy rockers), but it’s something. 389 more words

Mike Love

Mike Love Will Be Putting Out An Autobiography

Are you excited about Mike Love from the Beach Boys putting out an autobiography? Contact Music reports that the book will be called, “Good Vibrations.” I’m hoping for some juicy unknown stuff to be in print, but I suspect much of the book will be about his time in the Los Angeles area, his feelings about Brian Wilson, and of course his fondness for transcendental meditation. 68 more words


A Bit of Freewriting

I’m over half-way through Nano, and the story is going well. I’d like a bit of break and let myself freewrite for a bit. So here goes…. 349 more words

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Brian Wilson Of The Beach Boys To Release New Solo Album

Brian Wilson, the brilliant co-founder, musician, singer, songwriter, and producer of The Beach Boys, recently announced on his Facebook page that his solo album, 170 more words


Surfin' USA (1963)

Surfin’ USA is the Beach Boys’ first real album. Surfin’ Safari was their first released album, of course, but it was a real amateur hour production. 505 more words

Mike Love

Surfin' Safari (1962)

Surfin’ Safari is bad. Dumb lyrics about surfing and cars, whiny Mike Love lead vocals on most of the songs, ham-fisted backing vocals, by-the-numbers reverb surf guitars, dull production. 229 more words

Mike Love