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House Intel Chairman: al Qaeda "more diverse and more aggressive" than pre-9/11

House Intelligence Chairman Mike Rogers, R-Michigan, sits down with Wolf Blitzer to talk about the dynamic threat al Qaeda still poses after new video surfaced, showing scores of the group’s leaders meeting openly in Yemen. 21 more words


Rogers: We Can’t Get Obama Admin to Address Al Qaeda Buildup in Syria

Washington Free Beacon Staff

Outgoing Chair of the House Intelligence Committee Mike Rogers (R., Mich.) warned he and his colleagues in Congress have been unable to get the Obama administration to engage Syria and address the country’s growing Al Qaeda presence.


One of the Top Republican NSA Cheerleaders in Congress Is Retiring to Become a Right-Wing Radio Host---Mike Rogers

According to The Detroit News, DJ Mike will reignite his “college passion” by bringing “former intelligence officials and ex-spies on his show.” And what an entertaining show that promises to be! 92 more words


Glenn Greenwald & Laura Poitras Test their 1st Amendment Rights as Journalists

On April 11, the day of the Polk Awards, the world waits for the arrival of two 2014 Polk Award winning journalists who reported the Edward Snowden leaks to see if they will be arrested by the U.S. 363 more words

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‘Let’s get the facts’ on CIA allegations

House Intel Chair Mike Rogers & Ranking Member Dutch Ruppersberger on Senate committee report’s CIA allegations.

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NSA & the battle over metadata

House Intel Chair Mike Rogers and Ranking Member Dutch Ruppersberger discuss Pres. Obama’s plan for overhauling the NSA’s phone surveillance program.

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