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Odd Ball Item: Epoch Book Game Series Baseball Game

I got this item at a flea market for $1.00. This is probably one of the cooler odd ball items that I’ve come across outside of eBay. 85 more words

Mike Schmidt

Odd Ball Item: Mike Schmidt Pocket Watch

I don’t know much about this piece. All I know is that it’s as odd-ball as an odd-ball item can come.

The only identifying information is an inscription of “MY/ 7-7-87″ between the 5 and 6. 12 more words

Mike Schmidt

1990 Donruss White/Blue Test Issue

This is one of the tougher Schmidt cards to find. It is double-sided with Mike Schmidt on one side with a white border. Lance Johnson is on the other side with a blue border. 86 more words

Mike Schmidt

Mike Schmidt's 1988 Topps Baseball Contract

Items from The Topps Vault have always intrigued me. When this showed up on eBay, I lost three days of sleep over it.

OK… not really. 73 more words

Mike Schmidt

Aiding To My Addiction

My wife and friends are enablers. That’s right, I said it.

Don’t get me wrong, searching for rare items and finding things on my own is the whole reason I got into this hobby. 162 more words

Mike Schmidt

Meeting Mike Schmidt

It is only appropriate that I begin with my favorite item: a Mike Schmidt autographed helmet. It’s not my rarest item nor my most valuable, but it is definitely the one that I like the most; mainly because I got it signed in person on October 18, 2014 in Oaks, PA. 192 more words

Mike Schmidt

El Oso Blanco Auto

Yesterday, a package arrived at my house that I initially thought was a trade package.  Instead, when I opened it up, I saw that it was a card I had won on an ebay auction some time ago.  153 more words

El Oso Blanco