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Tokyo in the 1980s Was a Megazone Like No Other

If I could spend money the way people do during economic booms, I’d spend it all on anime, manga, and weight lifting. Wait a minute, that’s all I spend my money on anyway. 1,571 more words



С наступлением XXI века из-за рыночного влияния, экологических событий и научных исследований культивирование жемчуга претерпело вполне серьезные изменения, разобраться в которых можно только после краткого экскурса в историю. 43 more words

PEARLS - Introduction

One traditional birthstone for June babies is pearl. The Roman Empire favored this gem material. Jewelry was a big part of Tudor fashion where pearls were used extensively such that the 1500s was known as the pearl age. 340 more words