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Canada, Ullapool, Scotland link. Ship Hector.


Topsail, Skysail, Moon Sail, Royal Sail, Topgallant, Topsail,
Mainsail, Trust to God Angel Whispers, jibs, riggings, Stern,
Bowsprit, mizzen mast, main mast, fore mast, ropes, sailcloth. 131 more words

Alison Barr Poetry

God's Love (MI'KMAQ: Bible NT)


John (Sa’n) 3:16

16 Gjinisgam na tetuji gsalaji mimajuinu’g, petgimapnn newgtunatl uggwisl nplin ugjit ugtlue’utiwal glaman ms’t wen getlams’tuatl ma mn’tua’gig liegw gatu awna iapjiwewei mimajuaqan guguntew wa’so’q.


The Lord's Prayer (MI'KMAQ: Bible NT)


Matthew (Matiw) 6:9-13

9 Na tli a’sutma’titoqs’p, ‘Nujjinen ta’n wa’so’q eimn, gepmite’tmuleg sape’wig gtwisunm.

10 Pipanimuleg ilgwenan mimajuinu’g glaman majulgwalultaq. Ta’n te’s’g goqwei tel’te’tmn na tliaj ugs’tqamug st’ge’ ta’n tel tliaq wa’so’q. 47 more words


Post-Secondary Institutions Join Forces To Welcome Aboriginal Students

Starting school can be intimidating for anyone, but for aboriginal students the culture shock can be huge. That’s why on Friday the student services of Fredericton’s four post-secondary institutions held their annual welcoming pow-wow. 304 more words


Mi'kmaq Creation Story (Tan-wet-abeg-sol-teagw - Where we come from)

A Canadian Museum of Civilization Presentation
Produced by  GAPC

The following two videos (parts one and two) feature a version of the Mi’kmaq Creation Story (Tan-wet-abeg-sol-teagw – Where we come from) explaining not only the origins of the world and its inner relationships that ties everything to all else but also the Gepmi-talemunetj-jijaamijk or the Honouring the Seven Spirit. 68 more words

What does "Indigenous Rights" mean for the Mikmaq?

Welcome! This is my first post in my first series, so bear with me while I play around with the format of the blog. In the first post today, I will look at what a right is, and lead that to what indigenous rights are. 609 more words

First Nations