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It's been a year, and I still haven't been banned yet!

Today’s this blog first anniversary as so another certain Vocaloid’s birthday…

So, I decided to make a list of something I like! This is…

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Dear FuckNoProffesionalMMD Advice Column (Issue #1)

1.) why do people feel the need to oblige the term “incest?”

You might want to ask PsychologyToday that question.

3.) if “god” loves everyone, why do christians say that he hates gay people? 669 more words

A Serious Talk

Hello. I have a very important announcement to make.

This wonderful user is known kyokikyu, and he/she is telling people a user known as ChatterHead to kill himself. 335 more words

Questo è Luka?

Sei sicuro che questo dovrebbe essere Megurine Luka? Voglio dire, va bene cambiare il design del personaggio, ma assicuratevi rendono evidente che è ancora lo stesso carattere. 37 more words

Bringing Up the Shit

Yes, let’s bring this bullshit back up again.

This shit’s a year old already. Stop bringing it up. Besides, the trolls have stopped trolling anyways.