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I've got nothing.



Folks, I’m already out of words for actions like this other than not is this awful, but it’s also illegal. But I have… 23 more words

How to Spot a Child in the MikuMikuDance Community

The child is still complaining about the EITC in late 2014. Don’t get me wrong; rules are pretty important to follow. However, if the EITC is still acting like they were in 2012, then what the fuck makes you think that they’ll suddenly give a shit in almost 2015? 32 more words

Maybe ChatterHead Isn't Such a Good Inspiration for Your Models...

Dear some of you MMDers,

Why are you guys trying to imitate ChatterHead? I know that the guy’s a great modeler, but he doesn’t have any variety and the anatomy is so awkward and wonky and… bad. 42 more words

There's More to Life than Milk Chocolate

POC= person of color

Now that that’s out of the way, let me explain myself.

1: Isn’t Miku technically a POC already? I mean, Japanese does count, right? 69 more words