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Miku's Plastic Surgery

I tried to make a Miku model based on the english design.

Van, I don’t think you came very close. Namely the color textures and especially the face.

My God, the face.


Why does the body have the edge line, but not the head (or the boots for that matter)?

Why is the TDA head not blending in very well with the rest of the body? 11 more words

My Eyes Again

How to turn an okay model into a piece of shit edit: making an edit and having the colors too bright.

Kancolle: Raiden and A Somewhat Strange Nagamon-san

Exercise in Blender using MMD models. Details can be found in the Youtube link.

I did not make the models myself.

Kantai Collection ~KanColle~ Destroyers Ikazuchi & Inazuma by Mr. 15 more words