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Review: 'Whiplash'

Live music makes the body tingle. So does this film.

The sound of percussion instruments lays the foundation for a great performance, providing the solid backbeat that allows brass, wind, stringed, and vocal instruments to carve out melodies. 656 more words


The solid pound of Whiplash

It’s been over a week since I watched Whiplash, but I still cannot get over how enthralling it is.

Andrew (Miles Teller) is a promising jazz drummer at a prestigious conservatory. 793 more words


Movie review: Whiplash is Hollywood hooey at its best (with video)

3 1/2 stars out of 5
Starring: Miles Teller, J.K. Simmons
Directed by: Damien Chazelle
Running time: 106 minutes

I won’t build it up too much, otherwise you’ll be disappointed — because, while Whiplash is a beautiful film with a great performance sitting centre-stage, it borders on hokum. 619 more words


Miles Teller is at the mercy of J.K. Simons in Whiplash

When he was 15 years old — before the accident that left an entire side of his body scarred, winning the Sundance Dramatic Special Jury award and even his bro-comedy co-starring Zach Efron — Miles Teller landed his first gig as a drummer. 623 more words


Movie Review: 'Whiplash'

By Bill Wine
KYW Newsradio 1060

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A drum roll, please!

It’s deserved in this case because Whiplash offers two of the year’s best performances:  one by a young actor on his way to being a star, the other by a character actor whose face is familiar and whose name is about to be. 600 more words

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Flash Movie Review: Whiplash

Praise, what child does not want to hear it for something they did? From sliding down the big boys’ and girls’ slide to showing off their finished crayon coloring of their family’s house; giving approval is a vital element in a child’s development. 409 more words


Blood, Sweat and Jazz

Ask yourself, did you ever have that one professor in college who was a total lunatic? who did everything in his power to push you to the limit to achieve? 310 more words