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The Dreaded Taper

“It’s difficult to train for a marathon. It’s even more difficult to not be able to train for a marathon.”

Today marks, for me, the worst part of marathon training. 552 more words


Youtube Short: High-Mile Benz E320

Today’s Youtube short is a Mercedes that has eclipsed the 300,000 mile mark. The driver even gets himself those nifty high-mileage badges. He’s taken great care of his car. 21 more words


life with Miles....

Life with Miles has actually been a lot easier than both Marcus & I thought it would be. He is what I would like to call an “easy” baby. 503 more words


Breastfeeding 101

From the day I found out i was pregnant I started harassing the internet and reading every book I could on pregnancy and the first year after baby is born. 524 more words


The best day of my life

December 3rd 2013 I woke up… even though I was not able to eat for 8-12 hours before my scheduled c-section the excitement of knowing I would meet the little man who had been kicking and pushing from the inside of me for months took over the feeling of starvation. 468 more words


Trip Down Memory Lane

Marathon Weekend is HERE!

I took a little trip down memory lane today. Starting with this email:

Then we ran. A lot.

We also lifted heavy things. 41 more words


Pregnancy from HELL

I first found out I was pregnant around April 15th. I remember constantly feeling nauseas and every smell, sight and even sound of food would send me running outside to throw up. 373 more words