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Election - ugh!

There are just under 100 days till the General Election, and we have already been bombarded with enough garbage to sink an oil tanker. The photo opportunities are vomit inducing, whilst the spin and “pledges” are blatant nonsense. 85 more words

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Kinnock Calls For Unity By Attacking Blairites

From this morning’s Times:

“The problem is never really the assaults from opponents. Certainly, it’s not a problem by comparison with sniping from behind. That’s a distraction.” He said the Blairites attacking Mr Miliband wanted to go back to the “day before yesterday”

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Cameron Demands Inclusion of Cocktail Party in TV Debates


Prime Minister David Cameron announced today that he won’t take part in TV debates ahead of the general election in May unless a Cocktail Party is included in the format. 99 more words

Open Government

Ed is making his way to electoral success, targeting Cameron's weak spots.

The strange prospect of a Labour / SNP pact looms large.  Of course Maggie was kept in power by the SNP and the Ulster Unionists too, so its not that unusual. 197 more words


No one likes haggis anyway

No one likes haggis anyway*

The above poster is basically the Tories flying the white flag in Scotland. The poster is primarily meant for English people, but obviously the Scottish will see it. 321 more words

What Labour should be doing

Interesting article from Owen Jones in the Guardian this week. I don’t always agree with Jones’s articles, and he suggests one of my pet peeves in this one; the hugely negative view that Labour should make the “vote Green, get Tory” argument – I suspect we’ll get this a lot more in the coming months, that a vote for any of the minor parties let either Labour or the Tories get in – we should be fighting elections on policies and hope, not fear. 426 more words

Tories Deny Photoshopping Miliband to Make Him Look Fat

Tory sources deny any manipulation of Ed’s face to make him look fatter on their new poster.

We report, you decide…


This is the source image,  27 more words

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