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Immigration and apprenticeships

The week of 17th November is not one that I will choose to remember with any affection. On the Thursday the Labour Party, of which I am a life-long member, took an absolute hiding in the Rochester and Strood by-election. 755 more words


Labour’s strategy for winning the forthcoming general election is to hold themselves out as the Least Worst Alternative (LWA). Given the policies of the Tories and UKIP and the revenge voters will inflict on the hapless Lib Dems for propping up the Tories for the last five years, this is a modest aim, but will it be sufficient for Labour, if not to win a majority in the next parliament, then at least to form a coalition government with their Scottish nemesis, the SNP? 484 more words

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Why, Why, Why?

I must admit, I’ve toyed with the idea of running a blog like this for a while now. I’ve often thought that it would be fruitless, which ultimately it might be. 1,297 more words

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Two subjects you just don't fucking mention

There are two things that I know not to talk about but I have not yet learnt not to talk about them; politics and religion. I must especially learn that you do not talk about politics and religion to a religious politician… 52 more words

Ed Miliband - the David Moyes of the Labour party

On first glance it would seem that the former manager of Manchester United Football Club and the current leader of the Labour party have little, if anything, in common. 584 more words

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It's Time For a Serious Discussion About Psychedelics

Ed Miliband recently stated on the program Bite the Ballot: ‘while I haven’t taken drugs, I’ve got a pretty clear view at least on the legalisation/decriminalisation question’. 1,212 more words