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Labour Distances Miliband From Dodgy Bercow Donor
Denial that Sassoon is "an Adviser" to Ed, Despite Her Claims

A spokesman for Ed Miliband tells Guido that Ed has met Farah Sassoon on several occasions “socially”, but that she is in no way an adviser to the Labour leader, … 62 more words


Frank Dobson Slams Useless Team Ed and ShadCab

Outgoing Labour MP and former cabinet minister Frank Dobson has slammed Miliband’s inner-circle and the Shadow Cabinet. Firstly he agreed they were all useless,  before changing tone: 105 more words


Sandi Toksvig's Very Offensive, Not Funny Joke About Miliband

Labour’s Lucy Powell has applied to be driver of the outrage bus this morning, whinging that a joke Sandi Toksvig made about Ed Miliband on Radio 4’s… 46 more words


Britain’s Labour Party Leader Miliband Proves Once Again that Jewishness is Not about Religion

Britain’s Labour Party Leader Proves Once Again that Jewishness is Not about Religion



Ed Miliband,

The Jewish Supremacist leader of Britain’s Labour Party, Ed Miliband, has proven once again that “Jewishness” is not about religion, but about a racial tribal affiliation which includes outright atheists—with the single unifying factor being an awareness of and support for Jewish tribal unity against all Goyim. 363 more words

Jewish Terrorism

I have a question - Kit Marlowe

Sometimes an idea comes along that is so staggeringly stupid that you have to look at it twice, just in case you missed something the first time round. 800 more words

It's time the BBC considered the views of the British public instead of conforming to Israeli state propaganda

The hidden backstory is that Israel’s land grab cannot be conducted under conditions of peace. It requires Perpetual War; a phoney, one-sided ‘war’ dominated by Israel. 2,882 more words