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Indian remain friendly to world powers but not Pakistan

Nations are as living beings whenever they feel cold they try to have some fuel for keeping him/herself warm, do sunbathing, find energetic food to keep him more warmer, when the weather take its turn and it comes to hot summer. 509 more words

The Problem of Islamic Terrorism


Contemporary terrorism perpetrated by radical militants who self-identify as Muslims constitutes not only a police problem and a military problem (which of the two it is, or properly ought to be, is itself a matter of debate), but it is also a social problem and a political problem. 1,840 more words

Geopolitics And Geostrategy

Peshawar Carnage|Dedication to APS School Students

‘Fearful are the men with guns of an unarmed girl.’  – Habib Jalib, Pakistani Poet 

This opening quote to my post that was coined for Malala Yousafzai, by a fearless and candid Pakistani poet seems poignant. 920 more words

Conflicts And Emergencies

Apathy of the North East India

Much has been said about this subject: Apathy of the rest of India towards the North Eastern states of India. But still, there has not been any change in the mindset of the people, both in the North Eastern parts of India and also in the rest of India. 1,034 more words


It seems both Taliban & ISAF would end their combat in Afghanistan

The Nato led ISAF mission of Afghanistan is now going to be concluded. The flag of the international community united front against terrorism is going to fold and mission end by the ceremony observed inside Afghanistan and the speech of American president Barak Obama. 858 more words

10 things that make Islam a nursery of terrorism and militancy

Can religion breed terrorism? Can a spiritual order spawn militancy? You’ll laugh at the suggestion – and rightly so – unless you’re someone with little knowledge of Islam and its scriptures. 4,258 more words


Memories of Life In Kashmir

Having been born just nearly eight days before the death of Sheikh Mohamed Abdullah I was born in Kashmir at a time when peace & prosperity was a common sight. 1,929 more words