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American Intifada: Ferguson and the coming insurrection

At the beginning of the trouble in Ferguson, Missouri, a friend wrote on his Facebook page, “What is going on in Ferguson?”

To which I replied, “An American intifada.” 780 more words

Social Justice

Victim Blaming Does Not Discriminate

Much has been written in the past several weeks about the horrific murder unarmed teen Mike Brown in Ferguson, Missouri. This terrible event has sparked national outrage, protests, riots, and a frenzy of discussion and explanation as to the underlying issues tied up in this affair. 1,182 more words


Calling Bullshit On 'Outside Agitators' in Ferguson

A few days ago, a friend on Facebook posted the following as his status:

Would any of you be down to help me organize a march on Ferguson, MO? 491 more words


"Imagine, Registering People To Vote": By All Means, We Should 'Politicize' Ferguson

After another chaotic night in Ferguson, MO, there are a dozen competing narratives swirling about this crisis, with everyone hoping that their preferred interpretation of what is happening, why it’s happening, what it means, and what should be done about it, will lead the discussion. 786 more words


Alan Grayson's Bill Shot Down: The Police Get New Toys & The Fight For America

There is no Democracy, there is no Republic; we have buffoons within our congress and that includes Republicans and Democrats. The Republicans aren’t slightly better, nor are the Democrats. 1,498 more words