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Body Cams- Are they in the public’s best interest?

By Angela Gonzalez

Communications Assistant at the Silverman Law Group

The first duty police officers agree to uphold is to serve and protect the community. In the year of 2013-2014, … 573 more words

"Cops Gone Wild" in Fort Bend County, Texas

Another instance of Cops Gone Wild this time in Fort Bend County, Texas (map) outside of Houston. The prosecutor went wild too charging Chad Chadwick with resisting arrest. 492 more words



Beginning in 2011 thru 2014 Bastrop County residents have been participating in the Federal Government 1033 Program.  Citizens of Bastrop County are protected Day, Night, Cold Weather, Hot Weather, Wet Weather, even against possible Mines.  3,148 more words

Truth in Media: The Root of Police Militarization

Ben Swann, 12/2014

Ben Swann takes a look at the root of police militarization and why even if military equipment is removed from police departments across the nation, militarization will not come to an end.
Time: 13:42


Urban Warfare: The Police State

America’s police force has become an image of oppression recently as they have gone from the men and women protecting our streets to the ones who force and do what they please to us. 991 more words

The police are a domestic army and we are the insurgents

When dealing with a police officer, there’s a standard wisecrack a lot of people like to pull out: “Hey, I pay your salary; you work for me.” And while it’s true that tax dollars fund America’s police-industrial complex, what’s not true is that police are accountable to the public as an employee is to an employer. 1,093 more words


Today I started caring...

This post is a response to “Today I Stopped Caring“, an article written by a police lieutenant from Wisconsin. While it is well-written, with a clearly mocking undertone that belies its false front of genuineness, it is from a predictably selfish point of view that lacks any type of big-picture perspective. 843 more words

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