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The Orwellian Now

The NYPD has recently announced the formation of a 350 man “Strategic Response Group”, or SRG, which is charged with counter-terrorism actions and “advanced disorder control” – a fancy way of saying dismantling civilian protests. 243 more words


The Shipwreck of the Mexican State


 By Rafael Barajas and Pedro Miguel

Without drug money, the Mexican economy would collapse, which is why politics, economics and organized crime are entwined at the highest levels. 1,844 more words


Nick Kristof Should Stick To High Profile Rescues

Nick Kristof writes on his Twitter feed:

Activists perhaps should have focused less on Michael Brown, more on shooting of 12-yr-old Tamir Rice in Cleveland… 507 more words


Kamau Franklin On Panel about Police Violence and Militarization

On Martin Luther King’s Birthday, Kamau and other organizers came together in Baltimore, Maryland to discuss police violence and militarization. Take a look at the video below, presented by South Organizing Against Racism ( 8 more words

Policy & Race

Militarization of northern Lanka increasing

If you expected a relaxation of the tight control the military maintains on the Tamil north after President Sirisena won the election, you’ve forgotten he was from the same party as the previous president. 47 more words

Sri Lanka

Racism: The Infection in the Wound of Police Brutality

Police brutality is a savage wound to everything a democracy stands for. Ultimately, a democracy requires that its people feel safe in non-violently opposing its government, and police brutality is but one in a growing list of violations of that safety: … 2,026 more words