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Something something fertility celebration

My mom got my son a couple of Matchbox cars for Easter.  This is one of them.   I find it vaguely alarming:

Well, okay, not alarming from this angle.   53 more words


Jean Franco: “Biseccionado. Cultural consequences of a militarized border”

We invite you to our next Mexican Monday on April 21st with professor emerita Jean Franco. Her talk “Biseccionado. Cultural consequences of a militarized border… 294 more words


Does Your Sheriff Know His Duties and the Obligations of His Oath of Office


Does YOUR Sheriff know what his Duties and Responsibilities are to his County and it’s Citizens? Has your Sheriff taken the bribes of Federal and State money to the point he can no longer keep his obligations to the Citizens of your County?  457 more words

Weaponizing Anthropology: A Review

Price, David. (2011). Weaponizing Anthropology: Social Science in Service of the Militarized State. Oakland, CA: AK Press.

Anthropology and Sociology Graduate Student Cohort 2014: Initial Impressions Report on Anthropology’s involvement in American Military Affairs and the Military’s involvement in Anthropology. 1,247 more words


Thoughts on Weaponizing Anthropology by David H. Price

Price, David. (2011). Weaponizing Anthropology: Social Science in Service of the Militarized State. Oakland, CA: AK Press.

‘Weaponizing Anthropology’ by David H. Price is an intriguing book. 1,065 more words


“Life, love, landscape and bread:” U.S. civil society and a “post-conflict” Colombia

On this sunny weekday, Buenaventura’s streets overflow with motorcycles, vendors hawking fruit and coffee, jeeps, cargo trucks, pedestrians and the occasional stray dog, but that doesn’t deter our driver, Juan, as he deftly maneuvers through narrow streets, laying on the horn and zipping around motos and taxis like an obstacle course driver. 2,385 more words


Ethiopian military opens fire on resettled communities

April 4, 2014. Source: Ethiopian Satellite Television

A squad of the Ethiopian National Defense Forces (ENDF) that has travelled to the Southern Omo region of Ethiopia to quell the month long fights between the Bodi and Konso communities has on April 2, 2014 fired heavy weapons on the Bodi people wounding many. 256 more words

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