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Newsnight on BBC2, Tornadoes in peril

Off-topic but apposite to the retention of the Harrier, the opening piece by Mark Urban on Newsnight tonight was centred on a letter received from a ‘serviceman’ based at RAF Akrotiri with a Tornado squadron. 280 more words

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Well, well, well....

With thanks to medium.com/war is boring. Just look what you could have won…

The United Kingdom’s 2010 Strategic Defense and Security Review—a budget drill, really— 867 more words

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US Marine Harrier Upgrades

(With compliments to David Axe)

So, there but for stupid decisions by our politicians, this could have happened to the UK Harriers. And they are in service with the US for at least another 10 years. 637 more words

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This is not what we wanted to hear.

Further to the previous story, we now a former Chief of Defence staff saying:

He denied that it was humiliating for Britain not to have its own jets ready when it comes into service because the ships could be used for different functions such as carrying helicopters or troops. 67 more words

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What have we kept saying....

So more proof that the F35 was at best folly, and at worst the biggest waste of money since the Brabazon:

The Royal Navy may ask US squadrons to fly off its new aircraft carrier following delays to its new F35B fighters, BBC Newsnight has learned. 464 more words

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