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"Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red", Tower of London, 24/08/14.

When planning a journey that involves travelling through London, between King’s Cross and Waterloo railway stations to be precise, I like to leave enough time to see something new in the Capital before moving on. 314 more words


CORRECTION: Our Local Heroes Foundation DID have a street collection permit for Manchester city centre 16 July 2014

  1. On 24 July 2014, I reported that Our Local Heroes Foundation didn’t have a street collection permit from Manchester City Council for the city centre 16 July 2014 when I encountered there an organised team of people from its official professional fundraiser, Prize Promotions Limited, selling the military charity’s wristbands.
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Military Charities

Our Local Heroes Foundation: Prize Promotions Limited again selling wristbands on the street without a street collection permit

  1. Prize Promotions Limited, the official professional fundraiser for Our Local Heroes Foundation, is selling the military charity’s wristbands on Market Street in Manchester city centre without a street collection permit.
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Military Charities

Open Doors: the charity “has no control over the prize draw”

  1. Charity Open Doors (registered charity number: 1006623) is raising funds from the public with the slogan “Supporting our Heroes”. (http://www.open-doors.org.uk/supporting-our-heroes) The “skill prize draw” Terms and Conditions on its website don’t say how much of the £2.50 ticket price goes to the charity.
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Military Charities

Soldiering On Through Life Trust: a very inefficient military charity is now even more inefficient

  1. Military charity Soldiering On Through Life Trust (SOTLT; registered charity number: 1144828) gives the impression that it directly supports “heroes”, but in fact it doesn’t. Rather, it in turn donates funds to other military charities – very inefficiently.
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Military Charities

Open Doors: A week later I ask again…

  1. On 24 June 2014, I emailed the public contact for Open Doors, David Papagavriel, to ask how much of the “skill prize draw” ticket price goes to the charity.
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Military Charities