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Army of Heroes: yet another bogus military charity from Blackpool

  1. I haven’t written about Army of Heroes until now because I hadn’t seen any of its representatives in action. I was already aware of its laughable website: …
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Can Andy Pilley tell us how much of the ticket price goes to charity Open Doors?

  1. Charity Open Doors (registered charity number: 1006623) is raising funds from the public with the slogan “Supporting our Heroes”. (http://www.open-doors.org.uk/supporting-our-heroes) The “skill prize draw” Terms and Conditions on its website still don’t say how much of the £2.50 ticket price goes to the charity.
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Military Charities

“We’re happy to answer questions about our fundraising” – sometimes

  1. “We’re happy to answer questions about our fundraising”, says charity Cancer Recovery Foundation – UK. But it isn’t.
  2. Prize Promotions Limited of Blackpool hasn’t just been an official professional fundraiser for military charities Afghan Heroes and Our Local Heroes Foundation.
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Military Charities

Army of Angels: From TTS Promotions to Vale Promotions

  1. The military charity Army of Angels has a new official professional fundraiser, Vale Promotions. Here I show why Vale Promotions invites suspicion.
  2. In April, a trustee of the military charity Help 4 Homeless Veterans, Kevin Hartley, rebuked me after I’d written about his charity and its official professional fundraiser, TTS Promotions Limited/ TTS Promotions (UK) Ltd.
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Military Charities

Our Local Heroes Foundation to stop working with Prize Promotions Limited – on BBC Radio 5 live

  1. On 9 November 2014, I appeared as a live studio guest on 5 live Investigates, the BBC Radio 5 live programme. This was after I’d brought to their attention my findings on two military charities, Our Local Heroes Foundation and Afghan Heroes.
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