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Trustee of Help 4 Homeless Veterans asks why I’m “attacking vulnerable ex service personnel”

  1. Hitherto I have referred to the military charity Help 4 Homeless Veterans (registered charity number: 1148155) only once, and in passing. That was in para 4 of my 22 March 2014 post, “TTS Promotions Limited was fundraiser for Army of Angels”.
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Military Charities

Afghan Heroes: 2011 complaint to Charity Commission

  1. The damning Commons Public Accounts Committee (PAC) report on the Charity Commission, published 5 February 2014, specifically criticised the Commission for being “too slow and inefficient” investigating Afghan Heroes.
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Military Charities

Families of the Brave: whither the website?

  1. On 18 March 2014, I published my investigation into the activities of military charity Families of the Brave and their official professional fundraiser, Sterling Support. (
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Military Charities

Private Charities and organizations try to pick up the slack in government spending slowdown

With revenue falling in nearly every phase of life today it’s becoming increasingly difficult for the average person to keep up with rising cost of living. 143 more words

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Soldiering On Through Life Trust: “We would be delighted to hear from you and to answer your questions”

  1. On 31 March 2014, I described how in the days before its “flagship event”, military charity Soldiering On Through Life Trust (SOTLT) censored its website, preventing scrutiny of its activities.
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Military Charities

Afghan Heroes: Interim Manager’s clarification on website

  1. The Afghan Heroes website (http://www.afghanheroes.org.uk) has changed again, after yesterday. (http://dralexmay.wordpress.com/2014/04/07/afghan-heroes-interim-managers-instruction-on-website/)
  2. There the Interim Manager that the Charity Commission appointed to the charity 5 February 2014 (
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