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Prize Promotions Limited in administration

  1. Prize Promotions Limited, the notorious Blackpool-based professional fundraiser, is in administration as of 14 January 2015, according to Companies House records (company number: 07829587).
  2. This blog has exclusively revealed how Prize Promotions Limited has consistently misled the public across the UK in its rip-off fundraising activities, often working illegally.
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Man “conned” into buying a prize draw ticket in the name of Our Local Heroes Foundation – video

  1. On 6 December, I received a link to an independent video of one person’s experience of a stall fundraising for the military charity Our Local Heroes Foundation that day and before, in a shopping centre in Greater Manchester.
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Military Charities

Families of the Brave removed from the charity register

  1. In March, I helped expose military charity Families of the Brave and its official professional fundraiser, Sterling Support. (https://dralexmay.wordpress.com/2014/03/18/families-of-the-brave-shows-how-hard-it-is-to-give-with-confidence/) For a summary of the case, see para 8 in…
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Military Charities

Army of Heroes and Prize Promotions Limited: is there a link?

  1. There may be a link between Army of Heroes and the notorious Prize Promotions Limited other than that they’re both in Blackpool.
  2. On 24 March 2014, Army of Heroes Ltd (Company number: 08204649) changed its name to “Global V.I.P Card Limited”.
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Military Charities

Army of Heroes: yet another bogus military charity from Blackpool

  1. I haven’t written about Army of Heroes until now because I hadn’t seen any of its representatives in action. I was already aware of its laughable website: …
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