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It’s no surprise that there is a considerable amount of talk these days of World War III due to the Russian/Ukrainian conflict. It has also been alluded to when speaking of sanctions on Iran if they continue with a nuclear program (which they are legally allowed to pursue). 868 more words

Arab Spring

Christopher Hitchens: Pro-War, Anti-Death Penalty

A few days ago, Corey Robin wondered on his Facebook status:

Something I never understood about Christopher Hitchens: how such a fervent opponent of the death penalty could be such an avid supporter of war. 492 more words


East and West (5)

Up until 1937, the 20 Burma Rifles were a regiment within the Indian Army.  It was then later made part of a separate Burma Army.  Being as the country was considered by most to be “backwater” and unlikely to be included in any war, this army was still in its infancy as 1941 evolved. 498 more words


Desertion, Martial Manhood, and Mental Illness: The Case of Sgt. Bergdahl

Several months ago, when I submitted my first blog post for Nursing Clio, I included a short section about Civil War veterans who had lost their right to a pension because they had deserted the army during the war. 1,034 more words


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Sarah Handley Cousins has an article at Nursing Clio about Sgt. Bergdahl. While the furor over Sgt. Bergdahl's return has died down, questions about his release still remain. Cousins approaches Sgt. Bergdahl from a different perspective. She asks what role mental illness has played not just in the desertion of Bergdahl, but of other soldiers from United States in previous wars. We are finally beginning to understand the devastating impact of post traumatic stress disorder on soldiers. It is possible that PTSD played in role in Bergdahl's case.

A history of the First World War in one hundred blogs ! No.3 Was war inevitable ? The blame game and some thoughts on the July crisis of 1914.

(The Balkan pot threatens to boil over in this 1912 Punch cartoon by Leonard Raven-Hill. Unfortunately imperialist and nationalistic tension could not be contained by August 1914. 1,463 more words