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Looking Landward

The newest deputy commander of the Black Sea Fleet is former deputy chief of the MOD’s Main Combat Training Directorate (GUBP), General-Lieutenant Yuriy Petrovich Petrov. 255 more words

Military Leadership

The proper arts of a general are judgement and prudence.

Tacitus: a famous historian and senator from the Roman Empire. He was known for his historical works on the reign of Roman emperors.


After the war is over, make alliances.

Greek Proverb


Generally management of the many is the same as generally management of the few, it’s a matter of organisation.

Sun Tzu: a famous Chinese general and military philosopher, who was known for his famous written work “The Art of War” a highly influential book on military strategy.


Quick decisions are unsafe decisions.

Sophocles, Greek Playwright


Citizens of London: The Americans Who Stood with Britain in Its Darkest, Finest Hour by Lynne Olson

Lynne Olson focuses on three extraordinary Americans who were in London from 1939-1945, Edward R. Morrow, the broadcast journalist, John Gilbert Winant, the American ambassador to Great Britain, and Averell Harriman, a confidante of both Franklin D. 113 more words