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Love under different skies

For the first four years of our marriage, my husband was in the Coast Guard. The first six months were great — he was in school and home every night. 299 more words

The Militia Argument

I would like to go ahead and quell a little bit of argument about what a militia is to those who seek to disarm American citizens by stating the right only applies to militias. 248 more words

2nd Amendment

"Murder By Order"

“Man is always responsible for what he does” – Leo Tolstoy

Central to any worldview that purports to be moral is the conviction that human life is to be respected and valued. 801 more words

Veteran organization

Finding Work After Military Service 5.2.12 Health care companies are hiring veterans, even those without any formal medical background. Other industries, like private security, are also seeking veterans. 686 more words

A rare and close look at what war is really like through China Beach

There’s no fantasy, hero worship or fake humor in this TV series. Everyone is flawed and injured from the war—even Americans who never served in Vietnam or wore a uniform. 478 more words


Friends, Indians, countrymen, lend me your ears;

Patriotism finds itself a distinct definition in every phase of the average Indian’s life:

Until you’re in school, it’s the agony of having to spend the first half of 2 public holidays – namely Republic Day and Independence Day – in school, singing Jana Gana Mana (the national anthem), Vande Mataram (the national song) and being compelled to watch/participate in/make herculean efforts to ward off sleep through cultural performances. 358 more words



When I was serving in the U S Navy near the end of my last enlistment I had a T-shirt made up which I bought in the Philippines. 1,384 more words

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