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Soft Men!

“In soft regions are born soft men.”

(Herodotus, Greek Historian, 484 BC-425 BC)


US Military to Discontinue Use of Live Animals in Medical Training

Perusing the news through Google today I found a very optimistic article about the US military. The US Department of Justice will discontinue the use of live animals in medical training for troops commencing on January 1, 2015. 511 more words


Veteran's Day: Karson's Jumper Story

In honor of Veterans Day, Karson gives us a peek into his life in the military, specifically the time he almost got kicked out of school. 78 more words


Loss at Larkhill

Thirty years ago today, on 6 November 1984, a public inquiry opened in Devizes.  It was to investigate the Ministry of Defence’s plans to close 32 miles of public paths across the Larkhill artillery ranges in Wiltshire.  528 more words


What Does DTTT Mean in the Army?

DTTT is short for the Defence Train the Trainer qualification which must be completed by all MOD personnel who will undertake instructional duties.

Detailed information on the DTTT qualification can be found… 25 more words

Learning & Developmnet


“From now on, the military will factor climate change into a host of day-to-day decisions. … ‘It’s about being baked into things we are already doing.’” ( 10 more words

Why American Efforts to Create Foreign Armies Fail

W.J. Astore

In my latest article for TomDispatch, I examine why the Iraqi security forces that the U.S. trained and equipped at a cost of $25 billion performed so poorly when attacked by ISIS in June. 2,365 more words