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Supplanting the Symbols of Warfare by ALAN COWELL


With the relentless spread of conflicts of faith and identity, the emblems of conventional warfare have changed.

Published: October 31, 2014 at 07:30AM… 7 more words


Maine Nurse Fights Ebola Quarantine, Says Will Not Be Bullied by REUTERS


Saying she will not be bullied by politicians, a Maine nurse is giving the state an ultimatum: Lift her Ebola quarantine by Thursday or she will disregard the restrictions and go to court. 11 more words


Being close to war

We’re travelling, and posting is light these days here at the Patrimony.

But this shouldn’t stop us from pointing out some noteworthy analysis produced by others, tangentially relevant to our focus over here. 666 more words

Relatives In IR

Military New High Tech Training - a fully automated shoot house

CSJFTC unveils a fully automated shoot house and the combined arms collective training facility for use for military and law enforcement training on Jan. 25. 19 more words

Red Alert: NATO Countries Wary of Large-Scale Russian Air Activity Above Europe

Vigilance may be the price of liberty, as the NATO motto goes, but the North Atlantic Treaty Organization remains wary after the latest chapter of what it deems to be an “unusual level of air activity over European airspace” by Russian aircraft. 155 more words


U.S. Economy Grew at 3.5% Annual Pace in Third Quarter by PATRICIA COHEN


The higher-than-expected bump in gross domestic product was driven in part by a spurt in federal spending, largely in defense, and private investment. 13 more words