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What would Reagan do?

People are wondering as the world smolders, what would Reagan do? What would he do about Putin’s aggression?

A recent article at Investors.com, the Internet edition of Investor’s Business Daily, speculates that… 134 more words


Can “one rinky dink congressman from South OC... make a big impact”?

In response to an article in the Santa Margarita Patch wherein I expressed my views on national defense, one reader challenged me with that question. Well, what can any one member of Congress do? 491 more words


Should veterans stay out of politics?

This isn’t the first time veterans have been attacked when they ran for elected office. You may not remember the 1964 contest for President between Lyndon Johnson and Barry Goldwater. 429 more words

Term Limits

Have you ever wondered how someone can go voluntarily in harm's way?

American Soldiers, Sailors, Marines, and Airmen go in harm’s way almost every day. Obviously, they aren’t doing it for the money. Most earn less than minimum wage for their efforts. 330 more words


The Veteran's Shame

     Today, March 17th, marks the actual date that is traditionally celebrated as Saint Patrick’s Day. Below you will see the back panel of the T-shirt that is sold ($10.00 US) by the Malden, Massachusetts Irish American Club* in support of the “Wounded Warrior Project”, as illustrated on the left breast and sleeve of the shirt in the second photo below.** 422 more words

Jack Downing

DoD Plans to Shrink US Army to Pre-WWII Levels

The Department of Defense proposal is said to call for plans to shrink the Army to its smallest force since 1940. Secretary of Defense, Chuck  364 more words